O. Henry's Texas Stories





Stories in Texas (most include links to the online version of the story)

Heart of the West, 1907

"Hearts and Crosses"-Texas
"The Pimienta Pancakes"-Texas
"Seats of the Haughty"-San Antonio
"Hygenia at the Solito"-San Antonio
"An Afternoon Miracle"-Texas
"The Higher Abdication"-San Antonio
"The Caballero's Way"-Texas
"The Sphinx Apple"-Texas
"The Missing Chord"-San Antonio
"A Call Loan"-Texas
"The Princess and the Puma"-Texas
"The Indian Summer of Dry Valley Johnson"-Texas
"A Chaparral Prince"-Fredericksburg
"The Reformation of Calliope"-Texas

The Gentle Grafter, 1908

"The Octopus Marooned"-Texas

Roads of Destiny, 1909

"Art and the Bronco"-Texas
"A Double-Dyed Deceiver"-Texas & South America
"The Passing of Black Eagle"-Texas & St. Louis
"Friends in San Rosario"-Texas
"The Enchanted Kiss"-San Antonio
"A Departmental Case"-Austin
"The Lonesome Road"-Texas

Options, 1909

"The Hiding of Black Bull"-Texas
"Buried Treasure"-Texas
"The Moment of Victory"-Texas
"A Poor Rule"-Texas

Whirligigs, 1910

"One Dollar's Worth"-Texas
"A Chaparral Christmas Gift"-Texas
"Georgia's Ruling"-Austin
"Madame Bo-Peep of the Ranches"-Texas

Sixes and Sevens, 1911

"The Last of the Troubadours"-Texas
"Jimmy Hayes and Muriel"-Texas
"Law and Order"-Texas

Rolling Stones, 1912

"The Marquis and Miss Sally"-Texas
"A Fog in Santone"-San Antonio
"Aristocracy Versus Hash"-Austin
"A Strange Story"-Austin
"Fickle Fortune, or How Gladys Hustled"-Austin
"Bexar Scrip No. 2692"-Austin

Waifs and Strays, 1917

"Red Roses of Tonia"-Texas
"Round the Circle"-Texas