Adventures With Puppets! (Printable Puppets)

Adventures With Puppets! (Printable Puppets)

Blog post by Devo
Friday, July 10, 2015

When we hear a Mother Goose song or poem we don’t always think about adventure, but what if we look for the story in those rhymes? For instance, the Grand Old Duke of York and Humpty Dumpty both had big adventures. I grew up on Mother Goose stories, just like my grandmother and her grandmother. Mother Goose is a tradition we all shared. How old were you when you heard your first Mother Goose rhyme? Did you hear about Jack Sprat or Little Jack Horner, or maybe the mouse that ran up the clock? Families have been sharing these stories for centuries, and they are as fun to share today as they were hundreds of years ago. 

Take time to visit with Mother Goose, and the original dynamic duo, Jack and Jill, with our printable finger puppets.

•    Color your characters
•    Cut along the dotted lines
•    Punch or cut out the holes for fingers

Now you’re ready for your own adventure.  Stop by the library and see how many Mother Goose books are available for you today!