Battle of the Broken Hearts

Battle of the Broken Hearts

Blog post by Patti
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Welcome to the Austin Public Library’s Battle of the Broken Hearts, where 16 books will battle it out in a sudden-death-cage-match fight for survival in order to be crowned Ultimate Champion of all matters concerning love and the heart. I mean, how else would a bunch of librarians celebrate Valentine’s Day?

How were the books chosen?

Books were chosen by a committee of librarians to reflect the diversity of literature held within the Austin Public Library’s book collection. We attempted to find a variety of classic, contemporary, interesting, and sometimes notorious novels (*ahem* hello 50 Shades of Grey we're looking at you) that hold at their center the idea of love. These titles were then randomly assigned brackets and the competition began.

Who are the judges?  

All judges are Austin Public Library staff members. We are avid readers and lovers of literature. We hope you will read along and enjoy yourselves as much as we did.

What will the winning book receive?

Hopefully lots of hold requests! Please find a book list below featuring all of our titles.

How will this work?

Each day, beginning January 31 and culminating on February 14, we will post a book battle blog post. Titles that win each battle will advance to the next round. This will continue until our final championship battle on February 14. Why will a certain title win its round? There wasn't a specific set of criteria we used. Sometimes it was easy to pick, with the reader having a clear preferance based on quality of writing, interest, or enjoyment. Sometimes the reader enjoyed both and had to find a reason to pick one title over the other! You'll just have to read along and discover the reasons as bloggers post their battles day by day!

Please tune in next week as we begin the Battle of the Broken Hearts with our Round 1 - Match 1: I Capture the Castle vs. Water for Elephants.