Celebrate the National Day of Puppetry at the Austin Public Library!

Celebrate the National Day of Puppetry at the Austin Public Library!

Blog post by Literature Live
Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In recent years, American puppetry has been growing as an art form and is turning up at places like the Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Opera, on Broadway, in TV commercials and in film as character and CGI effects. A puppeteer brings life to a character with the magic of the human hand which is controlled by the brain. The brain sends signals down the arm and into the muscles of the palm, telling it to move the finger joints, much like the strings of a marionette!

Puppetry became popular in the United States in the early 20th Century, but has been practiced in other countries for centuries. Tony Sarg was one of the fathers of American puppetry, and in the 1920s, he gained a reputation for designing and fabricating the first helium-filled balloons for Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York City. Sarg helped uncover the secrets behind the art of puppetry and  shared the tricks of the trade with fellow artists. This sharing of information led to the formation of the Puppeteers of America in 1937. The National Day of Puppetry is a celebration of the art of the puppet in America. The official day this year is April 26; but beginning in 2015, the Puppeteers of America will officially move it to March 21, the same day as the World Day of Puppetry. Acknowledgement and support of these days strengthens and reinforces public recognition of puppetry as a global art form.

Question: What has 10 hands, 2 horns, 14 feet, 4 wings, 10 heads, 22 eyes, 2 beaks, 10 mouths, 14 ears, 2 hooves and one tail? The answer is Austin Public Library Literature LIVE's current cast of Tiger Woman! We hope that you have seen the show already, or will be able to join us for one of the remaining performances, which run through April 23. We also invite you to join in the fun of the National Day of Puppetry on Saturday, April 26 by visiting one of the following branches, which are each offering materials for YOU to make a puppet of your very own!

Faulk Central Library
Windsor Park Branch Library
Cepeda Branch Library
Manchaca Branch Library
Ruiz Branch Library
Old Quarry Branch Library
Yarborough Branch Library
Little Walnut Branch Library
Hampton Branch at Oak Hill
North Village Branch Library