Down on Grandpa's Farm (Printable Puppet Series)

Down on Grandpa's Farm (Printable Puppet Series)

Blog post by Kathleen
Monday, January 26, 2015

Do you know a song about farm animals where you get to make the noise of a different animal with each verse? Of course, I'm talking about... "Down on Grandpa's Farm!" What? Never heard of it? Oh... you were thinking of "Old MacDonald," perhaps? Well, whether it's Old MacD or Grandpa you want to sing about, this month, Literature Live! is excited to bring you a new monthly feature - printable puppets!  

Our puppets this month feature an abundance of animals - farm animals, that is! 

If you don't know the tune or the lyrics to "Down on Grandpa's Farm," yet, our friends at the King County Library system would be happy to teach them to you! Visit their website to learn the tune and the words.

Print out our puppets, decorate them and tape them onto straws or popsicle sticks, and then you can Moo Moo here or there or anywhere with your own Barnyard Band! Click the PDF image below to download and print!

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