Finding Your Funky Drummer

Image courtesy of James Baker

Finding Your Funky Drummer

Blog post by Adrian
Friday, September 15, 2017

What do artists like Dr.Dre, Public Enemy, N.W.A, De La Soul, Moby, Britney Spears, Kenny G, Sinéad O'Connor, and Ed Sheeran all have in common? What is it about them that, despite their differences across genres and time periods, makes them similar? The answer is that they all sample the same break beat.

Sampling is where a music artist takes a small segment from another artist’s work, either a beat or set of lyrics, and alters the recorded piece’s tempo, pitch, or repeats it in conjunction with other samples. Sampling became an important cornerstone of hip-hop, electronic, dance, and pop music. In the case of the artists listed, each used a drum sample off of James Brown’s 1970 song, “Funky Drummer”. The drum beat has been sampled so many times in music, and across so many genres that it has become one of the most sampled break beats in all music. So far, James Brown’s drum sample has been remixed, recut, and reimagined a total of 1,420 times.

What is so incredible about a song’s use of sampling is that it tells a story to the listener about the artist. Samples tell us of an artist’s inspirations and where they draw their creative influence. With “Funky Drummer”, the stories told by these artists tell us how we are able to be inspired from the same place. It shows that artists are very much like you and I. They listen to and appreciate music as much as any one else. "Funky Drummer" in particular, though, is a reminder that music, movies, and books have the same effect on all of us – they don't just entertain, they inspire.

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