Little Peep! (Printable Puppets)

Little Peep! (Printable Puppets)

Blog post by Devo
Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Little Peep was written in 1981 by Jack Kent. Mr. Kent was a prolific writer who wrote and illustrated 40 children’s books of his own and 22 for other authors. According to Oxford Reference he was a Texan who lived the majority of his life in San Antonio. He dropped out of school at the tender age of 15 to help his family and start working toward his dream of becoming a comic book author. He drew characters for the San Antonio Light until he got an internship with Big Chief Wahoo author Elmer Woggon.  He got a syndication deal for his comic”King Aroo” with national distribution lasting 15 years. After over 20 rejections he finally published his first children’s book “Just Only John” in 1968. Read here by Nana Claire

 Austin has a personal connection to Mr. Kent through his nephew Kent Cummings who wanted to share this about his famous uncle.

 “My earliest memory of him was actually his room at my grandparents' apartment in San Antonio while he was away in the Army during World War II. His room had the first bunk bed I had ever seen, plus hundreds of books, including lots of children's books. When I visited my grandparents in the fifties, I always enjoyed visiting with my Uncle Jack. He taught me how to play "The Scribble Game," and I continued to enjoy browsing through his constantly growing library.

I watched Uncle Jack when he was drawing King Aroo , his nationally syndicated comic strip, and later appreciated his cartoons for every publication from The New Yorker to MAD Magazine...Humpty Dumpty...even Playboy. Then he decided to write and draw children's books.

Uncle Jack always said that he only wrote the stories so that he could draw the pictures, and in fact he illustrated many books by other authors “

Literature live brings his work to life in Little Peep a precious story about a little chick and a big rooster. Does the roosters call bring up the sun or does the sun make the rooster get up? Little Peep takes it upon himself to find out. Watch the drama unfold in Literature Live’s hilarious puppet production of Jack Kent’s Little Peep.  While you are at it make your own Little Peep puppet by using our “Chicken Fun” printable.