Monarch Magic

Recent arrival at the Yarborough Branch!

Monarch Magic

Blog post by Chris
Sunday, December 2, 2018

Guest Blog by Vija

Did you know that…

…monarch butterflies can travel 50-100 miles a DAY?

…some monarch butterflies travel as many as 3,000 miles in their migration?

…monarch butterflies are still hanging out in Austin, Texas in December?

We at the Yarborough Branch have a temporary habitat originally set up with some larvae rescued from a staff member’s garden. We were lucky enough to be at the library when one of the caterpillars we were hosting transformed into a chrysalis! Watch this cool video to see the process. (Courtesy of Miss Katelyn, Yarborough's Youth Librarian.)

One butterfly emerged on Friday morning! We have a few chrysalides (yes, that’s one of the plural forms of “chrysalis”) still left in our temporary habitat, and we are waiting on the edge of our seats for the moment when they too transform. Visitors to the Yarborough Branch are enjoying seeing these magnificent insects throughout all the stages of their development.

To learn about monarch butterflies and their migration, check out the below recommended books from our collection. There’s something for readers of all ages! You can also read more about monarch butterfly migration online:

Bonus content:

This time we were lucky enough to be at the library when one transformed from chrysalis to butterfly! Watch the cool youtube video (courtesy of Miss Katelyn) to see the process.