From the Protagonist's Bookshelf (Pt.20): Arya Stark's Bookshelf

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From the Protagonist's Bookshelf (Pt.20): Arya Stark's Bookshelf

Blog post by Debbie
Monday, August 7, 2017

Amongst the Stark children, she and half-brother Jon Snow are outsiders, eager to make their own way in the world. Arya is a capable fighter, first indulging as a youthful tomboy, then drawing on her skills to survive in the brutal world of Westeros

In the aftermath of her father’s death Arya must hide who she is, repeating the names of those who have harmed her family to herself over and over like a mantra. When her journey finally takes her to the Braavosi assassin cult at the House of Black and White, she must completely shed every scrap of her identity, including her drive for vengeance. Ultimately, Arya must make a stand for who she is and what her family honor means to her.   

Game of Thrones has had a reputation for excessive depictions of violence against female characters in particular, but the latest seasons have shown the ladies starting to get some of their own back. From the moment Arya Stark appeared in the books and on the television screen, she was someone I rooted for. She is resourceful, strong and cunning. Here are a few things you might find on her bookshelf at Winterfell.


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