Puppets Here, Puppets There -- Puppets, Puppets Everywhere!

Puppets Here, Puppets There -- Puppets, Puppets Everywhere!

Blog post by Kathleen
Friday, February 13, 2015

Entertaining a child with eyes drawn on your hand, dancing a pen across a desk and having it bow to your paper before writing, are all puppetry. Many people think, because they do not have a fancy marionette, they cannot do puppetry. But while it is an ever changing art form that can take decades to master, it can also be easy and fun!

Look around your house and find an interesting spoon or washcloth that might just need eyes to engage and enchant your child. Even simple object manipulation can make a big difference in how children look at the world.  Caregivers play a very large part in building children’s imaginations. 

Taking it to a new level are Hugo and Inez, puppeteers who create magic from simple objects and even parts of their own bodies. Watch a video of their work below, and then check out a few books and DVDs on puppetry. 

Photo by Jacqueline Tinney on Flickr