Purple Martins: Austin's New Bats

Courtsey of Maureen Leong-Kee in Flickr Creative Commons

Purple Martins: Austin's New Bats

Blog post by Chris
Friday, July 15, 2016

You have probably seen them around town – tall, lavish or interesting looking bird houses. Perhaps you simply glanced, remarked to a friend, but didn’t consider them much beyond that.

Those multi-plex or gourd creations are home to purple martins. Like so many other beautiful, natural things in our world they need our help. According to the Purple Martin Conservation Association, “East of the Rocky Mountains, these songbirds nest almost exclusively in human-supplied housing.” So those sky condos for birds are some folks way of doing their part, and we get to reap the benefits. Much like the bats in Austin, purple martins have a way of painting our horizon during their migration. People flock to a particular location for “Purple Martin Parties” and with blankets, chairs, cameras, and binoculars (though you don’t need them) observe as the purple martins challenge the bats to Austin’s best sky-inhabiting performance.

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