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Brrr...feel that cold wind? That means it's winter!  Time for fuzzy mittens, hot cocoa, and stories! One of the best ways to while away the winter (even our short winters here in Texas) is to visit the library and check out our wonderful selection of books on winter, snow, holidays, and everything to help you celebrate the cold weather that has finally arrived.  Once you find a great story, make sure you share it with a friend!

You can read about where animals go when it gets cold, or dream of places where it gets so cold that rain turns to snow, and lakes turn to ice.  Have you ever imagined what winter might have been like 200 years ago? How did people stay warm, and what did they do all day when they were trapped inside?  How about places where it's winter all year round?  

One of my favorite ways to share stories in the winter is to put on silly plays and puppet shows with my family. You can pick a story you want to share, and make puppets for each of the characters using every day items you find around the house, like knitted hats, or socks that have lost their mates, or spoons from the kitchen. Draw or sew on a few eyes, and a silly mouth and maybe some yarn hair, and you're ready to put on a puppet show! You can use a counter top as your stage, or get really creative with some of those boxes laying around this time of year, and make your own puppet stage out of cardboard decorated with markers. Make some memories together this winter with a story from the library!

Not a big fan of cold weather? Never fear! The library has loads of books on summer, sunshine, and flowers!  Remember, this is Texas, so if you're sorry to see our never ending summer go, it won't stay long, and spring will be just around the corner!

Related Books:
Cover of the book Is that you, winter? : a story
By by Stephen Gammell.
Though Old Man Winter starts off the day feeling grumpy, his mood improves when he is reminded of how special he really is.
Cover of the book A hat for Minerva Louise
By Janet Morgan Stoeke.
Minerva Louise, a snow-loving chicken, mistakes a pair of mittens for two hats to keep both ends warm.
Cover of the book Winter is the warmest season
By Lauren Stringer.
A child describes pleasant ways to stay warm during the winter, from sipping hot chocolate and eating grilled cheese sandwiches to wearing woolly sweaters and sitting near a glowing fireplace.
Cover of the book Snow rabbit, spring rabbit : a book of changing seasons
By Il Sung Na.
While other animals migrate, hibernate, or stay busy all winter, a little white rabbit watches.
Cover of the book Sleep, Big Bear, sleep!
By by Maureen Wright ; illustrated by Will Hillenbrand.
As winter comes and Big Bear prepares to hibernate, he keeps thinking he hears Old Man Winter giving him exhausting orders that prevent him from sleeping.
Cover of the book When the snow comes
By Jonathan Allen.
Little Yak is excited about seeing snow for the very first time. All of Little Yak's friends are busy preparing for winter--but what do little yaks do when the snow comes?

Originally posted: Monday, December 10, 2012

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