Time Travel Machine Lands at Terrazas Branch

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time travel has been a staple of science fiction since H.G. Wells wrote The Time Machine, over one hundred years ago. You can travel through the history of Austin, Texas using the Austin Past & Present kiosk, which is on loan from the Austin History Center. Austin Past & Present is a collecion of eight videos which summarize Ausitn's history from prehistoric times to the present and over 300 slide shows comprised of over 1600 images, accompanied by stories told by Austinites themselves. A user-friendly interface allows access to this treasure trove either through a timeline or through icons on a map of Austin. The kiosk contains a video monitor, a tracking ball and a button to control the cursor, and a pair of headphones. Austin Past & Present, as a DVD-ROM disc, can be borrowed from Austin Public Library. Spend some time with travelling in the Fourth Dimension with Austin Past & Present.

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