Wacky Ways to Spice Up Your Family’s Thanksgiving

Wacky Ways to Spice Up Your Family’s Thanksgiving

Blog post by Ellen
Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Have you ever thought about the colors of your Thanksgiving meal? A boring brown comes to mind: turkey, dressing, candied yams, stuffing, gravy, bread, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, and pecan pie. Even the green bean casserole has an earthy tone!

Literature LIVE! invites you to add some color to your family celebration by playing with your food. You can turn any fruit or vegetable into a puppet with a little imagination!

Not sure how to come up with a personality for your puppet? Try out the seven dwarves or reenact your family’s history by exploring your genealogy. A veggie puppet battle might be fun; compete for who is the most nutritious. Have a puppet Karaoke contest for the fruit with the sweetest voice.

Learn how to make more veggie puppets with this simple tutorial video.

Here’s my brother, Rick, recreating Picasso and the Loaves, by French photographer Robert Doisneau. He had fun using pickles for fingers instead of Picasso’s croissants.

Need more inspiration?  Check out any of Saxton Fleymann’s books.

After you’ve played with your food, find new inspiration for holiday recipes by checking out the Austin Public Library’s Research Catalog (Articles & News section) or our Zinio magazine database for every kind of recipe -- from gluten-free to gluten-friendly. Happy Thanksgiving from Youth Services!