Yikes, Scary!

Yikes, Scary!

Blog post by Literature Live
Friday, September 26, 2014

Oooooh! The cover of this book looks creepy.  I open it, and I see the first picture.  It makes me shiver.  I’m gonna be scared!   I know it, because there’s a monster in there.  Uh oh, here it comes…oh no!  It’s…it’s…hey, it’s a silly monster.  Whew! 

A story that’s not so scary, or a silly monster story, can be a lot of fun.  Just when I expect something awful to happen, funny or surprising turns up instead.  I like to try to figure out what will happen before the author tells me. That’s the best kind of game, and I get to play it with the very person who made the story up.

Gee, but it's getting dark early, and that's scary-spooky.  Oh no!  What's that I see?  It's...it's... Austin Public Library's Not So Scary Stories.  Hooray!   It's a great opportunity to give kids ages 3 and up a thrill but still let them sleep at night. Double hooray!  They can enjoy the fun that fall has to offer with interactive stories and silly monsters galore. Find out more about these shows, see the schedule, and watch a trailer on the Literature Live! website!

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