Fantastic Cats

The Dog days of summer are still here! Since dog tales were in the spotlight last month, we would be remiss in waiting too long to mention fabulous furry felines in stories for the young and old.  
Cats have been revered and honored as wise companions throughout the ages and have also acquired scary images as witchy partners and omens of evil. Independent, all- knowing, self-contained and self satisfied, mischievous and a bit devious, cats have inspired wacky stories, tall tales and teaching tales. These picture books for children have something for everyone!

Last Three Weeks to Cram in Some Comic Reading!

The summer is sadly coming to a close and soon those weekday trips to the pool or park will be a thing of the past. Lazing around the house all day playing video games will be something you have to squeeze into your weekend activities. There’ll be a new classroom or school to get use to, new books and subjects, maybe new friends, and a lot of new homework.  So let’s make these last three weeks count!

Tiempo para no pensar…

Una vez lo hice, pero nunca más.  Me levanté tarde y no pude tomarme mi cafecito. Mi esposo me sugirió entonces que lo preparara y que lo fuera tomando de camino al trabajo.  Después de pensarlo por un minuto, decidí probar, y me lancé a la experiencia de tomar café “on the go” o sea, caminando por la calle y en el autobús. Pero la magia que trae consigo el café mañanero desapareció, y entre el corre corre para llegar puntual no tuve tiempo para saborearlo, ni disfrutar su aroma, ni su color, nada. Fue como no tomar nada.

Cassatt and Degas

Both Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas were realist painters who drew their inspiration from the human figure and the depiction of modern life, while they eschewed landscape almost entirely.
 Both were highly educated, Paris-based, known for their intelligence and wit, and from wealthy banking families. Three years before meeting Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas encountered one of her portraits and declared, “There is someone who feels as I do”.

The Elements of Style

As thnew school year approaches, we can’t help but reminisce about freshly sharpened pencils, crisp folders, and brand new clothes! When I’m looking for fresh fashion tips for my “back-to-school” shopping trips, I seek inspiration! Luckily, the Austin Public Library has tons of amazing resources to fuel our imaginations. From biographies of world-renowned designers to books profiling pioneering fashion bloggers, we’ve got what you need to put the pep in your stylish step.

Red or Dead

Sports don’t do well in fiction. The drama within the game and the drama outside the game address many of the benchmarks of good fiction: conflict, suffering, and achievement to name a few. Yet, sport occupies its world and fiction its world. Don DeLillo’s Underworld begins with an exceptional fictionalized account of Bobby Thomson’s 1951 Shot Heard’ Round the World, but the remaining 750 pages veer away from baseball.

The game might be changing. David Peace’s latest novel Red or Dead is decidedly about sport, soccer, and might win some literary prizes


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