Privacy: Get Informed!

One of the many delightful aspects of working in a library is discovering the readily accessible research ready and waiting for just the right reader or researcher. Often, this presents itself as an encyclopedia on just the right topic, such as the Encyclopedia of Privacy, published by Greenwood Press. And what better time to give a shout out to this two-volume encyclopedia than during The American Library Association’s “Choose Privacy Week,” an annual event to raise awareness about privacy rights and issues in the United States.

Physician's Desk Reference

There’s no better place to get medical information than from a licensed physician. The Library and librarians know that of course. But we also know that people can gain a sense of empowerment and comfort from being able to find information on your own when it comes to health conditions and prescribed medications. Being in a doctor’s office can also be pretty overwhelming which makes it hard to take in all the information you’re given.

The Good with the Bad - New Biographies

Biography at its best is a good read, it appeals to a natural human instinct for gossip, and it answers a real need within us to understand each other better. And it is a noticeable achievement of the new biographies on our catalog list - Recommended Biographies -  that they all begin with the premise that human nature is complex, and as is true with everything else in the world, you have to take the good with the bad.

Amy Poehler Loves Good Government and Books

Parks and Recreation is not just a goofy workplace TV comedy starring Amy Poehler, it’s an argument for faith in government. In Parks and Recreation, the Parks Department contrasts sharply with the incompetent Pawnee City Council and the dilapidated other city agencies, including the library. What I enjoy most about the TV show, which is very funny, is how dedicated Poehler’s Leslie Knope is to her job.


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