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Austin Newspapers Online

Until recently, folks who wanted to look at old issues of Austin newspapers had to load up a reel of microfilm and scroll, and scroll, and skim until they found the article they were looking for. We've made their search shorter with the Austin American-Statesman (1871-1975) online.

Extend Your eReading Time

It happens to all of us. We put a book or audiobook on hold, anxiously awaiting its arrival on either the Hold Shelf at the branch or in one of our Virtual Library accounts. We get the email that the book is available, and, Wham! Life is suddenly very, very busy.

The Amazing Artemis

If you look at what librarians studied in college, quite a few majored in English and literature. My unofficial theory is that English majors log a ton of library hours and gain research expertise while combing through literary criticism and reference sources.

What Do You Call This Drink?

For nearly twenty years, my sisters and I had an ongoing argument with our 3-states-away cousins about what to call the beverage in this photo. "Tonic" the cousins would say, with an "O" sound that I still can't mimic. "Duh, it's soda," my sisters and I would retort. And then we found out that in many other states we were all wrong.


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