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Follow the Guide (Pt. 8): Nail That Crucial First Impression with Investors and Lenders Using Our Business Plan Guide

Business plans have historically been a necessity for most entrepreneurs, but the definition of a business plan has changed in recent years. Today, it can mean anything from the traditional novella like document, with market analysis and financial projections, to a one-page Venn diagram showing where markets overlap.

Who's Your Daddy?

His father is Larry McMurtry and his mother an English professor. "Surprisingly I didn't like to read much growing up," James McMurtry said in an interview. "But there were always records lying around the house. Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson were the most influential."

Stranger than Fiction

True crime author Ann Rule, who wrote 33 books, died Sunday. Ms. Rule broke out with her first book, The Stranger Beside Me, in 1980. In it she profiled the serial killer Ted Bundy, whom she got to know while sharing the late shift at a Seattle suicide hotline.

Take a Risk with Your Reading

Recently I was painting a portrait in acrylics, when a large chunk of the painted cheek broke off. It left a depression that I could not fill up or blend away with more paint. So I took a risk. I changed the depression into a wound and added a black eye for good measure. It didn’t turn out great, but it was fun trying something different. We should do the same with our reading habits. Instead of reading the same authors, or the same type of fiction, try something new.

Business Beach Reads

As you pack for your summer vacation, consider tucking some enlightenment about the business world into your suitcase. If you would rather read the thriller The Precipice by the pool, then give yourself a schedule to finish a chapter or two a week of a business book that could change your work habits.

Our Devices

Probably some time in the past week you were annoyed because someone nearby was focused on his or her phone -- and then, a few minutes later, you caught yourself checking your own phone. I have read that when you check your device, the neurochemical dopamine is elevated which uplifts your mood. But Matt Richtel, a New York Times reporter, testifies in Deadly Wandering that our preoccupations with our devices can also lead to tragic outcomes.


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