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My "For Later" Shelf Can Beat Up Your "For Later" Shelf

Are you using the For Later shelf? Do you know how it works? Need some instruction? Here’s a link to a page we call How to Use the Catalog; you’ll find the following link there: Learn more about shelves. (Some library lingo is ambiguous, but these are a couple of aptly named pages.)   

Let me tell you about the For Later shelf because it’s my favorite feature of bibliocommons, in fact, since I usually end up there anyway, I’m getting in the habit of starting at the For Later page.


The Ugly

Eli Wallach died last Tuesday. If you've watched The Good the Bad and the Ugly 20 times, as every human should, He's the reason. If you've had to splash your face with cool water (or sip iced lemonade) after the swing-set scene in Baby Doll, thank Eli. 

As Texas as it Gets

If you’re not a native Texan, the fastest way to come as close as you can get is to spend a week or two with Alan LeMay, John Wayne, and John Ford (not a one of them born in Texas, by the way). If you’re not looking to go native but just want a better understanding of your neighbors, this is also the way to go. Below are described the relationships between the three books and one movie that will be your study guides:

When It Comes Together Musically

So I’m watching The Daily Show Wednesday night, and there’s Blondie singing a new song (new to me, anyway) “Sugar on the Side”, and Blondie and Company still have it going on, and I want that song NOW, late at night, when everything is closed, as I wanted that Time Magazine article I blogged about in March 2013. (Remember that post? No? Well, let me link to it for you: “When It All Comes Together”.) Only now I have an iPad, and now the library has Freegal. Can the magic happen again? The short answer is Yes. The long answer follows:


Behold, the fountain of chocolate! Would you like a chocolate fountain for your next party? May we at the library suggest to you that the "bowls" go upside down? The bowls don't catch the chocolate like a tiered water fountain catches water in graduated pools. One must invert the "bowls" of a chocolate fountain so that the chocolate washes over them convexly, coating the one above before falling to the one below. If you set the tiers concave side up so that they catch the chocolate, you're going to need a whooole lot of chocolate.

What Kevin Trudeau Doesn't Want You to Know

Here’s a library conundrum we’d like your advice on: Kevin Trudeau, the guy who promises to tell you the secret of everything from speed reading to growing hair, has been convicted of and spent time in jail for fraud and larceny, fined by the FTC for false claims, found to be in contempt for agreeing to stop cheating people and then not stopping, and last Monday, March 17, sentenced to federal prison for ten years for refusing to pay fines and restitution.


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