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Texas Maps

A beat up old TxDOT book came across my desk this morning, County Maps of Texas from 1998. Knowing there must have been updates since then, I went to TxDOT’s Forms & Publications page to see if I can buy a new set, but it looks like TxDOT maps have gone digital.

Death and Taxes

It’s time for the taxes part again. Need help filing? If you make less than $50,000, Foundation Communities is there for you. Last year they prepared thousands of tax returns, getting their clients millions of dollars in credits and deductions. 


The Resolution Enforcer

UPDATE: THE PRIZE IS CLAIMED! Watch for next month's fun pack which will likely have to do with Valentine's Day. 

The first fun pack of the New Year is on offer! Be the first to call 512.974.7400, option 1, and ask for The Resolution Enforcer, and you will win the pedometer (yellow!) and the drink/snack holder pictured at left. But that’s not all! Included in the prize package are books (to check out—you’ll need your library card) aimed at helping you to eat less sugar. 

Why sugar? Well, while the library cannot endorse, recommend, advise, direct, or nag our customers to take up any eating regime--we’re librarians, not nutritionists--we can tell you about publishing trends, and the latest diet books seem in large part to be fingering SUGAR as the layer-on of the fat.

Astronomy on Tap

If you’re in the neighborhood tonight, come out to Easy Tiger (709 E 6th St.) to Astronomy on Tap at 7:30 PM. Your Austin Public Library will be there with enticing astronomy-related library materials to check out, library-card applications to fill out, and you’ll hear astronomers speak who have interesting facts about the universe to give out. They’ll be talking about distant galaxies, and alien worlds, measuring the positions of stars with the Hubble, and beer. 

Isaac Asimov

I recently inherited the third-floor (downtown) science collection, the 500s, and I’m conflicted about Isaac Asimov’s books. I’ll give you an example: Here’s a picture of Realm of Numbers, copyright 1959, a skinny paperback edition published in 1981.

Fall Foliage

Are you too busy with school and holidays to take a drive in the country to see our Texas trees turning color? Sure, it isn’t New England, but we have some maples and oaks and golden sweetgum that put on a show.

Spare Heir

Who can resist clicking on a picture of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, especially now that another baby’s on the way? Isn’t it lovely that we get to enjoy such a well-behaved, well-groomed, fashionable family without having to pay their upkeep? And didn’t Prince George hold up his end of the toddler-down-under tour to Australia and New Zealand last spring?

If you’re fascinated by royals, you can keep abreast of their doings and trace their lineages through books we have in the history section of the library. Here are but a few:


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