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Let's Get Ready to Read!

Babies are born learning, and you can help prepare your child for success!  The Austin Public Library is thrilled to announce our new early literacy initiative Storytime Connection. We have been hard at work creating resources that highlight early literacy tips, recommended books, opportunities for training, and videos that will entertain as well as educate. 

Claire DeWitt and the Best Mysteries I've Read in Awhile

Those of us who are avid mystery readers are familiar with the tropes of the genre. We’ve got the anti-heroes who aren’t above breaking the law in the pursuit of justice, we’ve got the fluffy heroines who get themselves in and out of danger with ridiculous regularity. We’ve got the cozy cottage mysteries and the hard-boiled detectives. I do not believe, though, that we’ve ever met a heroine quite like Claire DeWitt.

Spot the Monster

Throughout December we'll be Spotting the Monster in our scribble art and using our creative imagination to transform what you might have thought was a mistake into a completely new work of art! So what are we waiting for? Let's create our own monsters!

Night Crafters @ Manchaca - November 2014

We are getting ready for the holiday season with these lovely hand embroidered cards. Using cardstock, embroidery thread and pushpins you can create beautiful and unique holiday or greeting cards. Use one of our templates or create your own design, this craft is a great way to prepare for the holidays...or just say hi!


WHAT: Night Crafters - Embroidered Cards
WHERE: Manchaca Road Branch
WHEN: Wednesday, November 5, 2014 @ 6-8:30 p.m.
WHO: Adults interested in crafting.

Night Crafters @ Manchaca - October 2014

We had a fantastic time last month at Manchaca Road Branch’s inaugural craft night and hope you'll join us this month for yet another fantastic craft! This month we will be making fabric coasters that at first glance look complicated to put together, but that my friend, is a lovely deception! This is a straight-forward no sew craft that will leave you feeling content with your beautiful finished product.


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