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A book trailer???

It’s amazing, isn’t it?? We now have not only movie trailers but also book trailers as well.    Since I buy books in other languages for the Library, I’ve noticed that book trailers are more popular in European countries than in America.  Amazon France and Amazon Germany (especially) has had them for a quite a while.  There are trailers for almost every book they sell, and that’s how I got hooked on book trailers.

Phan Thi Kim Phuc

So it goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I often dismiss this maxim. A thousand words written by a talented writer may easily surpass an image. A thousand words rumbling around in my brain, disambiguating, can reveal a depth of truth deeper than any image. For me, word trumps image. I’ve stubbornly dug my heels into the dirt: words win.

Writing about Grief

Grief possesses an incredible ability to sharpen and obfuscate thought. One moment the world is seen with perfect clarity while the following moment the griever can feel untethered and rapidly losing any mooring in this world. Writing about grief becomes paradoxically easy and difficult. The ease stems from the manner in which words effortlessly fill the page. The difficulty arises with the realization that no amount of words will ever draw close enough to an adequate description. I am grateful for writers who have attempted to make sense of their unique grief.

Lighting Out for the Territory

Spring, despite being my favorite season, has it kind of tough. For one, we expect the weather to be perfect all the time. But more difficult than high weather expectations, spring has a reputation for being a time of new beginnings and big changes. Sometimes spring just can’t handle the pressure and we’re forced to hit the road in search of our own opportunity and adventure.

April is National Poetry Month!

As someone who has been forced to read poems in archaic English and the dreaded (to me) concrete poem, I understand that reading poetry can be

difficult. However, a friend of mine recently described poetry as "word magic" and I happen to think he's got a point. In fact, in writing this post I spend a chunk of the afternoon reading poetry and have been absolutelyswooning over life. Poetry can do it all! Fit any mood! Express any feeling! Take you to any location! Check this out.

Frederick Wiseman

Since the time Frederick Wiseman produced the Cool World, his first work in 1967, the world of documentaries has not been the same. His style of documenting a story is what makes his movies unique works of art.


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