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OverDrive provides fiction and nonfiction eBooks and eAudiobooks for adults, youth, and Spanish speakers, as well as streaming movies and the Kids and Teens eReading Room. You can also download newspapers and magazines to a NOOK app or eReader.

You can search the OverDrive catalog for titles. Use the Advanced Search to narrow your search by format, subject, language, and more.

Checkouts & Holds: You can check out 5 items at time, have 7 holds, and select a check-out period of 7, 14, or 21 days. Once you are notified that a hold is available, you have 72 hours in which to check it out.

Some streaming videos have publisher-set permissions that may restrict your checkout time. You can check out up to 7 magazines or newspapers at a time and keep them forever.

Renewals: The Renew option becomes available on your Bookshelf three days before a title is scheduled to expire. You can renew a borrowed title if no other users are on hold for that title. If there are holds on a title that you have checked out, and the "Renew" option is grayed out, you can still click "Renew" and be placed at the end of the holds list. When you click Renew, you'll be sent to a page where you enter your email address for confirmation. When your book is ready to check out again, you'll get an email notifying you, just like with a regular hold. Also, Renewed items are shown in the Holds section of your OverDrive account. You can renew a title only one time.


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