Reuse Series: Know Your Style

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6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
September 19, 2019
Recycled Reads Bookstore
5335 Burnet Rd.
Reuse Series: Know Your Style
With Bernadette Noll

KNOW YOUR STYLE with Bernadette Noll

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This program is open to 25 people - please grab a free ticket on Eventbrite to get your spot!


A big problem with fast fashion is we are buying too much of lesser quality. We are wooed by the low prices but then those pieces just pile up in our closets until we can’t even see what we’ve got. Join us in this step towards sustainable fashion which also makes you less susceptible to the marketers and the trend makers. When you KNOW YOUR STYLE, you’ll be less likely to buy more and instead you’ll be happy with what you have!

Scene A: You’re getting ready to go out and all is grooving. Your whole look feels so YOU! And with each garment you put on you’re like, yep, that’s right.

Scene B: You’re getting ready to go out and every garment you pull from the dresser or closet you put on, look, then quickly shed because it’s just not right. It’s like you’re playing dress up with someone else’s clothes and you’re not feeling it at all. The mountain of clothes tossed to the side grows bigger until you feel like there's just nothing that works and you need to go out and buy more.

In this workshop, we’ll go over what works and what doesn’t. What outfits or pieces that you have feel like you and which ones are…never…quite…right. Then we’ll discuss ways you can make it so you have only pieces that work and ways too you might tweak the ones that don’t.

Got an item that you love but just needs something, bring it along to discuss!

This series is funded by a stipend from Austin's Resource Recovery

Free & Open to the Public
Adults 18+ only, please!

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Reuse Series: Know Your Style!
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Thursday, September 19, 2019
Recycled Reads Bookstore
512-974-7460 | 5335 Burnet Rd.
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