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Please join us in creating upcycled art such as paper jewelry, book folding and other activities that involve the reuse of materials that might otherwise go into the landfill. Every first Thursday of the month from 6 PM - 7:30 PM.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

A few months ago, The New Yorker featured a piece on pictures of libraries for Robert Dawson’s book, The Public Library: A Photographic Essay. The Austin Public Library was proud to find that the George Washington Carver Branch was part of the slide show. With a fantastic mural, by the Austin artist John Fisher, adorning an outside wall and a rich history as the first branch to serve Austin’s Black community the Carver Branch has established itself locally and nationally.

Now, to better serve the rich and diverse citizenship of Austin, the Carver Branch has been awarded an enhancement grant from The Texas Book Festival. This will benefit the already existing collection of materials focused on African American history and culture. The Carver Museum, which sits next door to the Carver Branch, and the African American Cultural & Heritage Facility take on the task of creating exhibits and programming dedicated to African American scientists, artists, activists and the like. Meanwhile, the library looks to extend those learning opportunities through its available modern and updated texts.

As a nation, we recognize Black History in the month of February. As an evolving human society, we ought to do more. Having resources like the Carver Museum, African American Cultural & Heritage Facility and Carver library branch can bring a view into recent history unlike what is glossed over in school books and tourist destinations.

Here are some ways for you to do more:

  1. Visit Austin’s African American Cultural Heritage District and local landmarks
  2. Explore what the Austin History Center has to offer which includes an interesting series of vignettes titled Black in the Past
  3. Using your Austin Public Library Card delve into databases
  4. Tap into a variety of other resources
  5. Attend the eighth annual Austin African American Book Festival where the Carver Branch is holding a book sale this Saturday, June 28, 2014
  6. Be sure to check out the lobby displays and an unveiling of the newly purchased materials in the fall of 2014 at The Carver Branch.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

We’ve been busy in the kitchen whipping up some felt creations for our Teen Summer Reading Program Felt Food Workshop! Hand-sew your own adorable, nonedible felt foodstuff on Monday July 7th from 6-8 PM at the Yarborough Branch. This program is recommended for ages 12-17.

What will you make?

Also, check out our upcoming Rock Band Battle of the Bands event, Sunday, July 27, 3-5 PM at the Ruiz Branch! Show up solo to join a band, or come with your own band to play the video games Rock Band 1 and 2! This is a true music tournament—showmanship and style will be added to your game score, so costumes and theatrics are encouraged! All controllers will be provided. Rock and roll forever! This program is also recommended for ages 12-17.




































Friday, June 6, 2014

Come to Central to view the self-guided exhibit of "Mapping Mexican History," an exhibit from UT's Benson Latin American Collection. The exhibit will be up June 1, 2014-October 15, 2014. We will also host two programs on the exhibit, the first on Sunday, July 13 featuring Julianne Gilland, the curator of this exhibit, and the second on Sunday, July 20 featuring Jose Montelongo, the Mexican Materials Librarian at UT. 

In the spirit of the mapping theme, join us in making a map marked with our favorite spots. Tweet us your favorite Austin spot or landmark #APLmap @AustinPublicLib or comment below.   

Thursday, June 5, 2014

picture courtesy of A Beautiful MessAdult Craft Night: Make Craft Create

Soap Making! Getting Dirty to Get Clean!

Monday, June 9th 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Ruiz Branch Library

1600 Grove Blvd Austin, TX 78741



This Adult Craft Night we hope you will join us for an evening of soap making! We're going to make a lovely soap with essence of grapefruit, mint, and poppy seed courtesy of A Beautiful Mess.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The What:
In literature there is a long, rich history of setting fictional stories in far off places and/or distant times from our own. Characters journey to the beyond and to back in time and our imaginations can take us with them. This means that at any time of year we get to travel, if not physically than at least mentally. Of course, with summer comes the opportunity to really visit new places, though this should not stop us from exploring the magical worlds and eras to which reading can take us.

The How:
While you may or may not book your summer to true foreign and domestic destinations, we at Austin Public Library suggest that you “Book Your Summer” with us. Our Adult Summer Reading Program encourages those of the older set to read and commune.
Read five items of any genre or format, document it on our cards and submit those to any branch for a chance at prizes. Audiobooks, e-books, magazines and graphic novels are all included formats that are provided at your local branch, through the virtual library, and throughout your community. Commune at events designed to enrich your summer reading experience (with chances at prizes there too).
Sci-Fi Movie Marathon – get in the mood for Reading through Time and Space with a nearly all day screening session - 6/5 1:30-8:00pm @ Manchaca Branch
She Blinded Me With Science at The Library! – attend a hands-on science experiments event - 6/15 2-5pm @ Manchaca Branch
Is There A Doctor in the Library? - celebrate 50 years of Dr. Who with trivia, crafts, a dress-up photo booth, and screening - 6/28 1-4pm @ MIllwood Branch
Reading the Stars – participate in an interactive astronomy experience indoors and night sky stargazing - 7/14 6-10pm @ Ruiz Branch
Star Wars vs. Star Trek – trivia, book sale, screenings and battle reenactments to honor all things star…Wars and Trek. - 8/13 6-8:30 @ Windsor Park Branch

The Why:
We remind you that one of the big influences on children is what they experience in their daily lives. And while they are expected to read over the summer for school, we set an enormously positive example as their guardians by reading by choice. Plus, in a community where reading is a regular part of its citizen’s experiences, understanding, problem solving, motivation, and innovation are fostered in those individuals.

The Where and When:
I tend to carry a book around with me to have at bus stops, in coffee shops and waiting rooms so my time and location for reading vary.  Additionally, my bedside table would not be complete without a magazine or graphic novel. These days I supplement those traditional formats with a downloadable on my iPad. One of the best parts of reading for entertainment is its portability; compared to TV, movies or games, it’s easily enjoyed on planes, by the pool, in the break room, before bed, after work, in between appointments, while you wait or whenever and wherever suits you.
Not everyone is an artist, writer, performer, engineer, doctor, lawyer, or librarian, but everyone can be a reader. And that can help transform you into your greatest potential.