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East Austin Studio Tour 2019 at APL

Carver Branch:

Creative Arts Society

CAS: Collective Insights (1)

The Creative Arts Society, established in 1999, is an Austin based, non-profit 501(c) (3) thriving arts organization actively promoting the development of the “Artist in Everyone” for the expanding growth and diversity of our community. Our vision is to be a vital presence in the community inspiring: Cultural enrichment, Community participation, and respect for diversity. Our goal is to increase awareness and appreciation for and through the Arts.


Willie Mae Kirk Branch:

Doris Bickley (2)

Doris Bickley has been a working artist in Austin for many years.  She graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute.  Her regular medium is painting but her most recent work incorporates photography, found objects, graffiti and street art. Incorporating elements of each to make something unique and new.


Ruiz Branch:

Faustinus Deraet (3)

Faustinus Deraet is a photographer born, in Antwerp, Belgium and immigrated to Mexico City at a young age. He obtained a degree in Computer Systems from Universidad Iberoamericana and after working seven years for IBM-Mexico, he returned to school to study photography at Escuela Activa de Fotografia. As a commercial photographer he has worked with Think Street, Tribeza magazine, Noi Organics, Univision, and more. As an art photographer, Faustinus has two published books taken with a Holga (plastic toy camera) and is represented by Davis Gallery in Austin. His photography is part of the Wittliff Collections, Mexic-Arte Museum, and several private collectors. Faustinus loves music and to watch Flemish TV series and movies. He also has a passion for travel and photography.


Terrazas Branch:

Mary Jane Garza (4)

I first became interested in photography when I was in college in Kingsville and a friend always had a film camera with him taking pictures. Ever since, I too have a camera to capture precious random moments. I came to Austin 40 years ago, in 1979 and went to UT, where I earned a degree in fine art. My photo skills came in handy when it was time to document my class work. Digital has really changed the photographic world as has the photo editing software now available.  Now I combine both film and photo editing to get the results I want.


St. John Branch:

Douglas Rhodenbaugh

Guatemalan portraits (5)

Douglas Rhodenbaugh, AFFA’s very own folk art collector, teacher, traveler, benefactor of school children in Guatemala (via his annual Guatemalan School Supplies mission), writer and poet, raconteur, and photographer extraordinaire. Many of you already know that Doug is a master of portraiture and of capturing the beauty, mystery, and spirit of people, places, artifacts, and events in Guatemala and Mexico. Whether in color or in black-and-white, Doug’s sensitively rendered photographs capture the true essence of the people and cultures.


Windsor Park Branch:

Danny Rivera (6)

Daniel Rivera received his BA in art history from The University of North Texas before obtaining his MFA in furniture design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Narrative is integrated into his sculpture and furniture designs with the incorporation of miniature scale dioramas.  The dioramas engage and entice the audience to explore his fabricated environments, which present microcosmic views on issues ranging from the environmental, sociological, and the fictional.  By combining architectonic forms with narrative elements he builds multilayered sculpture and conceptual furniture focused on the art of storytelling.


St. John Branch:

Serie Print Project (7)

The Serie Print Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the fine art of serigraphy – a technique that produces original, hand-pulled prints. Over the course of the last 20 years, the organization has hosted an Artist in Residence program that allowed for participants to learn the technique of serigraphy and create a limited edition print under the guidance of a Master Printer. The Serie Project has encouraged multi-racial participation with the hope of increasing the presence of minorities in the art world.

It is in our mission to produce, promote, and exhibit the work of artists while allowing for the production and sale of prints to be affordable for both artist and patron. In keeping with our mission, we work to market the prints created by our resident artists. These print sales promote the careers of the individual artists and help to support operational costs to sustain our project. Each edition of prints is priced at a minimum so that we may offer an original work of art to the public at an affordable price.

The Serie Project was founded in 1993. We have hosted more than 250 residents and printed over 300 works to date. Sam Coronado, a Chicano artist and activist from Austin, founded the program in hopes of providing a place for Latino artists to make art and have a voice. He served as our Executive Director for the last 20 years until his passing in November of 2013. His wife, Jill Ramirez, has chosen to step up as Executive Director and continue Sam’s legacy.

University Hills:

Carl Smith

“Untitled Landscapes “ (8)

For EAST 2019, I am exhibiting various Untitled Landscapes I have been working on this year. All these works were painted very quickly, using thick paint and very improvised. I have experimented a lot this year with assemblages and different creative processes, but I always look forward to getting back to these types of acrylic paintings which are the mainstay of my creative output. I always seek to make the act of creation central to the content of my paintings.


St. John Branch:

Chalk of the Town

"Women's History Month" by Taryn Williams, of Cepeda Branch (9)

Showcasing several of Austin Public Library staff's amazing chalk/chalk ink artists in a live and interactive demonstration. Enjoy live art and chalk crafts for the whole family. On-site gallery will follow. All Ages.

Artists: Gayathri Marasinghe, Leticia Leal, Josh Nichols, Arielle Pizano, Patrick Walz and Taryn Williams.

November 16, 2019

10 AM – 1 PM

St. John Branch

512-974-7570 | 7500 Blessing Ave., 78752