Exhibits - Austin Public Library

Randal Ford: The Animal Kingdom

October 14 – November 13, 2019
Central Library Main Gallery | 710 W. César Chávez St.

From the first known animal cave drawing in Indonesia more than 40,000 years ago, animals have been a primary expression in art. Humans still share a deep emotional bond with animals to this day. The Animal Kingdom explores this intimate connection and allows viewers a compelling glimpse into this mysterious, complex world. Guided by Randal Ford’s deconstructed form of portraiture, you are left with only the animal and yourself. Whether these creatures illicit beauty, power, or humor, Ford wants to give animals the opportunity to tell their stories in a profound, connective way.

Randal Ford is an internationally-recognized artist, with works appearing on the cover of Time, Texas Monthly and Communication Arts magazines. His photographs have been commissioned for brands including Frito-Lay, L.L. Bean, Pepsi, Verizon, and Yeti. Ford's best-selling collection of animal portraits were published by renowned publisher Rizzoli New York to widespread acclaim.

Randal Ford in partnership with Holland Photo Imaging.