WEST: West Austin Studio Tour

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Monday, April 25, 2016
Contact: Kanya Lyons, 512-974-7379

WEST: West Austin Studio Tour


It's time for Big Medium's 5th West Austin Studio Tour, a free self-guided art event occurring over two weekends in May. The Austin Public Library serves as the official pick-up location for the famous EAST and WEST catalogs. Tour-goers are invited to discover new artistic talent, see working studios, learn about artists and explore unique exhibition spaces and local businesses. Read on to find out more about WEST 2016 and the Library's participating locations. Expanding outside of the regular West Austin Studio Tour, artist exhibits at the Library will be on display from May 2-June 30, 2016.*

*Due to its popularity, the George Brainard Photo exhibit at the Faulk Central Library will remain on display through the end of July.

Free WEST Catalogs will be available at all Austin Public Library locations starting Tuesday, May 10 while supplies last. Or use the 2016 WEST online catalog, a greener and more immediate option.

Thomas Hooper
Yarborough Branch | 2200 Hancock Dr. | 512-974-8820

Thomas Hooper is known for his intricate tattoo work which draws influences from traditional tattooing, nature, mathematical and geometric patterns, as well as eastern religious imagery. In this exhibition the artist aims to mix orthodox and unorthodox drawing and painting techniques, organic textures with geometrical entities, crossing the paths of his everyday practice on skin with a different realm. Hooper, will be at the Yarborough Branch to answer questions and lead art activities on Saturday, May 21, 10 AM – 12 PM and Sunday, May 22, 2 – 5:45 PM.

Vicki Harris
Recycled Reads Bookstore | 5335 Burnet Rd. | 512-974-7463

Vickie Harris' main focus is documenting how we as humans occupy and alter the natural world. The consequences and aftermath of that occupation are absurd and at times absurdly beautiful. As an artist, she is interested in the way these changes are both permanent and ephemeral often at the same time. Her work is influenced by the New Topographics movement of the 1970s including photographers Robert Adams, Stephen Shore and Frank Gohlke. But mainly she just likes to look.

Gabriel Frampton
Little Walnut Creek Branch | 835 W. Rundberg Ln. | 512-974-9860

Inspired by crystals found in nature and idealized mathematical forms, through trial and error he created a novel form of modular origami composed of interlocking woven strips. This approach allows for absolute symmetry and high durability; the painstaking method of construction ensures that the structures will never sag or unravel, and will even support weight. His preferred medium is holographic mylar - this material, sold as origami paper, combines iridescent beauty with impressive strength. His ambition as an artist is to experiment with other materials, such as thin metal or polystyrene sheets, and scale up his designs to create architectural spaces, giving mathematical ideals permanent form.

Michele Hogan
Twin Oaks Branch | 1800 S. Fifth St. | 512-974-9980

Michele Hogan is an artist in Austin, Texas. She studied in Houston, New York and Detroit before returning home where she earned her BA in Studio Art at the University of Texas. With a background in drawing, printmaking and sculpture, she currently works in collage. Her recent work focuses on whimsy, elegance and movement and is often narrative in nature.

George Brainard
Faulk Central Library | 800 Guadalupe St. | 512-974-7400

All Tore Up presents portraits of the Texas hot rod scene, people who are as distinctive as the cars they love. As Brainard observes, "Hot rods and customized cars are works of art. You take an old car, cut it into pieces, and put it back together following your own vision. You bring something to life that previously existed only in your imagination." The people who do this "are drawn to aesthetic expression, and they materialize it in their own selves, their clothes, and their bodies." Allowing his subjects to pose themselves against a plain white background and write their own captions for their photographs, Brainard cuts through the visual spectacle of the car show and finds the essence of the people who are a part of it, capturing a fascinating pop subculture of American life.

Zane Scheible
North Village Branch | 2505 Steck Ave. | 512-974-9960

Zane Scheible is an artist working out of a garage in south east Austin. Zane grew up in and around Houston and has since lived in Austin. He studied history at UT at Austin. Zane’s biggest influences are the art of children’s books, punk aesthetics and Japanese culture. He is interested in how the internet allows access to previously inaccessible ideas and influences, and how that will shape the artistic world in the years to come.

West of I-35
East of Mopac/Loop 1
South of HWY 183
North of William Cannon

WEST includes five participant categories: Artists Studios, Galleries, Temporary Exhibitions, Happenings and Partner Programs. Artists Studios, Galleries and Temp[orary Exhibitions are free to the public and open on the weekends of May 14-15 & 21-22 from 11 AM - 6 PM (note that regular Library hours will still be recognized during these weekends). For more information about WEST at the Library, call 512-974-7400, visit library.austintexas.gov or Ask a LibrarianFor questions about how to show your art at the Austin Public Library during WEST, call 512-974-7400.

About WEST
The West Austin Studio Tour is presented by Big Medium, an Austin-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary art throughout Texas. In addition to WEST, Big Medium programming includes the East Austin Studio Tour and the Texas Biennial. They also produce innovative exhibitions throughout the year in their gallery space, provide affordable studio space to artists, and partner with various arts organizations to develop projects throughout the city and state. For more information call Big Medium at 512-939-6665 or email west@bigmedium.org



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