Graves Tales

Graves Tales

Blog post by Devo
Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Graves? Graves! Boy our fall show sounds pretty darn spooky. Luckily we are not referring to those stones you find in a graveyard, instead we’re thrilled (and maybe a little bit chilled) to present three stories written by one of our favorite authors Keith Graves! Our stories will answer these questions

Join us for a not so spooky rendition of these wonderful stories. We will be using three kinds of puppetry that you can try at home.

Shadow puppetry is fun and easy to do check out this video.

Toy Theater can be a little more complicated but you can make one at home. This is a very simple one using a few things from your recycling bin.

Table top puppetry is fun! Make this easy newspaper puppet then grab a friend and bring it to life.


Be sure you make room in your schedule to catch Literature Live’s latest production “Tales from Graves”