From the Protagonist’s Bookshelf (Pt. 15): Alicia Florrick’s Legal Bookshelf

Chicago skyline from breakwater by David Wilson. Courtesy of WikiMedia Commons

From the Protagonist’s Bookshelf (Pt. 15): Alicia Florrick’s Legal Bookshelf

Blog post by Debbie
Monday, January 16, 2017

Alicia Florrick is a dutiful Chicago politician’s wife on The Good Wife. As the series opens, she stands by her husband as he resigns from his position as a state’s attorney amid a huge scandal. Alicia forges a new life for herself and her children by returning to the legal career she abandoned to be the perfect wife and mother. Starting over is never easy though, especially while maintaining the public image of a stable and happy marriage.

Alicia's husband’s transgressions (perceived or real) impact her life and prospects for future happiness; likewise, he needs her stability and popularity for his own career. As the series progresses, Alicia steps more and more out of her role as “Saint Alicia”, having an affair with her boss and former law school classmate and becoming a politician in her own right. Alicia is intelligent and strong and will do anything to protect her children.

The show balanced the wrangling of a legal drama with the intrigue of a political thriller with several storylines that continued over multiple episodes and seasons. The main characters were consistently backed by a supporting cast of equally intriguing characters. A spin-off series is also on the way, featuring a few of the supporting cast. Juliana Margulies was widely praised for her portrayal of Alicia. Despite her advantages of position and wealth, Alicia is still an underdog the audience can root for because she stands against the political establishment to do what is right and live on her own terms.

Here are a few items you might find on Alicia’s bookshelf:


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