Supercharge your January with Book Blitz Month

Supercharge your January with Book Blitz Month

Blog post by Maggie
Friday, January 13, 2017

Guest post by Zarissa:

January is a fresh start to the year and here at the Austin Public Library (APL) it’s also Book Blitz Month!  

Book Blitz Month is about catching up on last year’s reading and getting a head start on this year’s reading. The holidays and life’s demands make it easy to get sidetracked from sitting down with a refreshing drink and a book.

This New Year’s activity is an easy start. As simple as 15 minutes during your next snack time, 20 minutes before bed or 30 minutes on a weekend afternoon.

Like meditation or yoga for the mind, studies show that reading reduces your stress, decreases memory loss, increases your focus, improves your sleep, and eases depression. Plus, after all that, it’s free entertainment!

At APL your reading blitz is at no additional cost. With your library card, you can fulfill any of the following goals or use your own.

Book Blitz Month Reading Goals:

That’s a bit of reading, but you can get all of those books free from us!

We’ll help you:

Cold weather or warm, the early winter months are perfect for catching up. You can even double down by kicking back with a book about other resolutions. So join us this year in a joint Book Blitz!