Civil Rights and Civic Action eBooks

Civil Rights and Civic Action eBooks

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Civil Rights and Civic Action eBooks are geared towards students in grades 4-10. These eBooks are always available and online-only. They include primary sources, photos, videos, maps, timelines and audio.

  • Select "Spotlight on Civic Action" or "Spotlight on the Civil Rights Movement" to view eBooks.
  • Click book cover to open eBook.
  • Click on "Extras" or "Timeline" for interactive features.

Content details:

Spotlight on the Civil Rights Movement (grades 4-8) covers this important milestone in American history. In the 1950s and '60s, the Civil Rights Movements brought sweeping reforms to nearly all facets of American life. Each eBook presents a key figure or event of the Civil Rights Movement.

Spotlight on Civic Action (grades 5-10) helps readers understand productive civic engagement by exploring the history, principles and foundations of American democracy. Readers will learn how people participate in our society, whether through volunteering, voting, or activism.


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