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Lunch Box Bully

"Max outwits a bully and makes a new friend in this I Like to Read easy reader"--

Dog Meets Dog

Big Dog and Little Dog meet, become friends, and have adventures together.

Ducks Run Amok!

"When a flock of ducks arrives at an unsuspecting turtle's pond, the turtle is mistaken for a green duck and can't seem…

Roller Bears

A group of bears love to roller skate.

Camila the Baking Star

Camila and her papa enter a baking competition on TV. As they start their challenge, Camila is determined to take…

Fox at Night

Fox is up late in the night. There are shadows and noises everywhere. Fox is sure the night is full of monsters!

Ferry Boat

A child describes each moment of the ferry boat ride from Manhattan to Staten Island and back, including seeing the…

The Doll in the Hall and Other Scary Stories

The Clark children are Mia's first babysitting job, and everything is going fine until she sees a life-sized doll sitting…

Crazy for Apples

Emma, a deaf girl, and her best friend Izzie are going to the apple orchard today in order to pick apples for cooking,…

Cat Likes Red

Illustrations and simple text follow Cat as he explores seven monochromatic landscapes, including a yellow field and a…

We Recommend

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