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Las Biuty Queens
Las Biuty Queens

A dazzling collection of stories based on the author's life.


An illuminating novel about the impact of violence and the power of solidarity in our contemporary societies.


A fact-based historical novel set primarily in New York City in the 1920s and inspired by the decade-long relationship…

The Conductors

As a conductor on the Underground Railroad, Hetty Rhodes helped usher dozens of people north with her wits and magic. Now…


Narrowly surviving the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, a bordello proprietor's daughter bonds with an unlikely new family…

The Women of Chateau Lafayette

A multi-generational saga based on true events is set in an extraordinary castle in the heart of France, where a…

The Rebel Nun

Marj Charlier's The Rebel Nun is based on the true story of Clotild, the daughter of a sixth-century king and his…

Wild Women and the Blues

In an award-winning debut novel, a sharecropper's daughter navigates celebrity encounters, bootlegging and gangster…

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