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The Book of Difficult Fruit

A glorious mash-up of memoir, love note and cookbook.

The World's Strongest Librarian

An inspiring story of how a Mormon kid with Tourette's found salvation in books and weight-lifting.


DelGaudio believed that the artifice in his life was reserved exclusively for the stage until evidence to the contrary…


Shrill meets Brotopia in this personal and researched look at women's rights through the lens of sports.

The Empathy Diaries

A coming-of-age story mixed with groundbreaking research on technology, empathy and ethics.

Broken Horses

Carlile recalls the pivotal events that shaped her music and identity in this captivating memoir.



My Broken Language

A Pulitzer Prize–winning playwright tells her lyrical story of coming of age against the backdrop of an ailing…

Crying in H Mart

An unflinching, powerful memoir about growing up Korean American, losing a mother and forging an identity.

Want Me

Tracy Clark-Flory grew up wedged between fizzy declarations of "girl power" and the sexualized mandates of pop culture.…

Model Citizen

The intimate, gorgeous, garish confessions of Joshua Mohr: writer, father, alcoholic, addict.

Nuestra América

Eminent anthropologist and historian Claudio Lomnitz traces his grandparents’ exile from Eastern Europe to South America…

Love Is an Ex-Country

Queer. Muslim. Arab American. A proudly Fat woman. Randa Jarrar is all of these things.


A penetrating memoir about the author's relationship with the painter Lucian Freud and the struggles of a life lived…

Speak, Okinawa

A candid memoir about a young woman's journey to understand her Vietnam veteran father and Okinawan war bride mother.

What Doesn't Kill You

A candid account of a young journalist's awakening to a life of chronic illness.

There is Only One Road and it Goes Everywhere

A female vagabond embraces the freedom of the tramp lifestyle and philosophy.

The Copenhagen Trilogy

Tove Ditlevsen's autobiographical trilogy about her troubled life in Copenhagen.

Surviving the White Gaze

A cultural critic recounts her struggle to overcome a white childhood in order to forge her identity as a Black woman in…


A moving examination of how racial identity is constructed, told via the author's own journey through secrets and…

Floating in A Most Peculiar Way

The astonishing journey of a displaced boy from the short-lived African nation of Biafra to Jamaica to Los Angeles.


A memoir about the push and pull of belonging and the seismic emotional toll of family secrets.

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