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Brazen, emboldening tales of the author's arduous childhood and journey to success as a comedian.


Hernandez imagines a repressive near future that feels like a slight exaggeration of the present. The narrator, Kay…

The First Sister

Lito val Lucius climbed his way out of the slums to become an elite soldier of Venus but was defeated in combat by none…

Winter's Orbit

Prince Kiem, a famously disappointing minor royal and the Emperor's least favorite grandchild, has been called upon to be…

The Thirty Names of Night

A moving and lyrical novel following three generations of Syrian Americans who are linked by the truths they carry close…

Detransition, Baby

"[A novel] about three women--transgender and cisgender--whose lives collide after an unexpected pregnancy forces them to…


Explores the ways in which traditional stories have failed us, giving its cast of Sarahs new origin stories, ways to love…

i am tired of being a dandelion

This poetry collection explores the spectrum of hope in romance and self-love, along with the hope to grow to become the…

Active Reception

This poetry collection thinks through a queer mode of writing from the bottom, a kind of coalition based politics of…

No Knowledge Is Complete Until It Passes Through My Body

These poems explore the intelligence of the body, especially bodies under duress.

Sybille Bedford

Charts the life of writer Sybille Bedford, who made a career of dramatizing her own upbringing in Europe.

The Other Mothers

A story of fertility, feminism and family.


Sally's story-one of heritage, learning, courage, and love-is written especially for LGBTQ Christians who are questioning…

Shooting Midnight Cowboy

Pulitzer-winning journalist Frankel delivers a vivid chronicle about the classic 1969 movie Midnight Cowboy, the only X-…

Three Dads and a Baby

An amiably narrated LGBTQ+ odyssey through equitable polyamory and nontraditional child rearing.

Broken Horses

Carlile recalls the pivotal events that shaped her music and identity in this captivating memoir.



God of Nothingness

The superb fourth collection from Wunderlich disarms with its directness, humor and pathos.

Devils, Lusts and Strange Desires

Bradford brings his sharp, incisive style to one of the great and most controversial writers of the twentieth century.

Love and Other Poems

These poems are curious about who we are as people and shamelessly interested in hope.

Leaving Isn't the Hardest Thing

These razor-sharp, profoundly brave and often very funny essays interrogate our notions of ecstasy, queerness and what it…

Black Girl, Call Home

Delving into heartbreak, community, family, race, queer identity, sexual violence, feminism and celebrity, Mans' poems…

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