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  • Embark on a quest in the list below.
  • Download a Quest Log if you want to track your Quests on paper.
  • Once you’ve completed your Quest, submit it via the Get Your Badge Form. You’ll get a virtual badge by email. You can submit one Quest or several at a time.
  • Celebrate a Quest well done, and tag us with #austinpubliclibrary on social media posts.

If you have questions or if anything doesn’t work for you, Ask a Librarian or call 512-974-7400.

Have a safe and happy summer!

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Watch the Austin Symphony perform a selection from the Opera Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck and arranged by David Crowe. We hope you enjoy this beautiful performance!

Recorded last June at the Austin Central Library it features ASO musicians Rachel Lopez, flute; Julianne Webner, Oboe; Kurt Moede, french horn; Jonathan Rouse, bass. Narration provided by Bernadette Nason and illustrations by Jen Corace. 

Welcome to the Book Cover Design Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer, complete them all!

Quest 1: Collage
Rip up or cut out paper to make a collage! You can use construction paper, regular paper, magazines, junk mail, or anything you find around your home. Or use fabric and puffy paint. 
picture of book Hoot Owl and a recreated cover using paper collage technique
Picture of I Want My Hat Back picture book and recreation of cover using fabric and puffy paint

Quest 2: Found Objects
Find objects around the house to recreate your favorite picture book cover!
Picture of book The Day the Crayons Quit and recreated cover using drawings and real crayons.
picture of What Do You Wear cover and recreation using cotton balls

Quest 3: Take a Picture
Photograph yourself as the main character of your favorite book!
Picture of Invisible Emmie book cover and recreation using photography

Recreate your favorite book cover using: 

  • Yourself 
  • Common household objects 
  • Drawing tools
  • Mixed media 

Check out the Getty’s Household Artworks for inspiration! 

Sharing your redesign on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Welcome to the Boredom Busters Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer, complete them all! 

APL has put together quality content from the internet and our virtual collection so that you don’t have to. These "lessons" are fun and informative. Learn about everything from donuts to hula hoops.

a hula-hooping donut

Build a fort out of furniture, sheets, blankets, pillows. You can play, read, nap, or snuggle inside your fort! 

picture of fort made out of blankets and pillows with stuffed animals and string lights


Change the words to a well known song. Using a simple tune from a song like Row Row Row Your Boat or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, you can make an entirely new song about anything! (for instance: dribble dribble little tap, where does all your water go? Down the drain and to the creek, how I love to see you flow) 

Welcome to the Choose Your Own Adventure Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer, do them all!

Quest 1: Afternoon Adventure
On a bright and sunny afternoon, you and your summer camp group decide to take a hike in the nearby forest. There is a clear path lined with white stones, but your counselor knows a secret way up the hills and they take you up a winding dirt trail. The underbrush is thick and pulls at your socks as you follow as fast as your feet will carry you. As you rush along the path, your foot snags on an exposed tree root, causing you to stumble and fall. The next thing you know, you're alone in the woods, your group long gone. Do you...

Quest 2: In the Realm of the Monkey King
You and a few friends are taking a hike in the forest around Black Wind Mountain. After lots of tripping over rocks, you all take a break to find walking sticks. Everyone finds one that works, but your friend finds a really cool one with patterns that almost look like carvings. You continue on your hike, having a great time, until you come upon. . .

Quest 3: A Visit to Baba Yaga
On a cold spring morning, your stepmother shakes you awake. “We need candles,” she shouts gruffly as you sit bolt upright. “Go to Baba Yaga’s house and ask for light, but be back before dark!” She hurries off to get breakfast ready. You rub the sleep out of your eyes and grab a coat.

Quest 4: Working at the Haunted Mansion
You love your job working weekends and after school at The Shunned House Haunted Mansion, but tonight has not been your favorite. It’s been threatening to storm all day, and… OK, there it goes. Vicious streaks of lightning flash right outside your station in the Phosphorescent Fungi Basement, illuminating the creepy interior through narrow, smudged windows

Embark on a hunt for a creatures of myth with our Choose Your Own Adventure Cryptid Quest. In this interactive adventure story you'll search for cryptids (hidden creatures) like Bigfoot, Mothman, the jackalope and more.

Mothman standing in sillouhette against a full moon

This original story was created by Austin Public Library staff for adults 18+, content includes scares and gore. With more than 30 endings and over 60 choices, it is a unique adventure over and over again!

Let's discover the beauty and meaning of life with internationally recognized artist, author and illustrator Misha Maynerick Blaise. Complete coloring pages selected from her best-selling book, This Phenomenal Life. Expand the fun by turning them into different crafts, bookmarks, postcards, gift bags, gift name it. Color the infinite universe within you, unfold your imagination, and fill your summer with creativity and lots of fun!

Welcome to the Comic Creation Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer, complete them all! 

Writing warm ups

  • One sentence storytelling. The first person starts the story with one sentence then the next person adds to the story with one sentence. Continue until the story is done!
  • Play the “What if...” game. What if Ninjas did ballet? What if Dinosaurs were allergic to flowers? One of these what ifs could lead to a fun story to tell

Quest 1: Manga Self-Portrait 
Draw yourself as a manga or anime character. Need some help? Try out this tutorial. Bet you can’t figure out which librarians are below!
manga drawing of boymanga drawing of girl

Quest 2: Single Panel Comic
Draw a story in one picture and one sentence. Use our sentence or make your own!
Single Panel comic of a turtle joke. The turtle has dropped a cake. What a "turtle" disaster.

Quest 3: Middle Out Comic
What story can you tell about this person using the beginning and end provided. Feel free to add more panels or complete the story with the two provided.
3 panel comic. first panel has drawing and text: this is going to be a bad day. Middle Panel is empty. Third panel has drawing and text: I'm glad i gave today a chance.

Quest 4:Super Hero
Use the character sheet to describe your superhero: Once you know a bit more about them, draw a picture of them to share! My superpower is...speed reading! What, I’m a librarian! What did you expect?!?

Quest 5: Sidewalk Chalk Comic Strip  
Get the family together for some sidewalk chalk storytelling! Use your ideas from the writing warmups and make a 3 panel story. You can start with paper or draw directly onto the sidewalk. Example: The dinosaur shook the ground so much when it walked that the man was thrown up and into the dinosaurs mouth!

Quest 6: Digital Comic Creation
No drawing skills? No problem! Try out these online comic creation tools. Tell your story, your way. What will you create? Try out one of these online comic creation tools!


Have your child draw with different kinds of materials like crayons, markers, pencils, pens, chalk. Ask them to describe their drawing, then write what they say underneath the drawing. This conveys the message that written words have meaning and drawing helps build up fine motor skills needed for writing. Display it so your child can feel proud of their creation, as well as to encourage talking about it later.  

child's drawing of family

Find the park closest to your home, your favorite library branch, or your workplace. Go for a walk, play catch, have a picnic, or just take a nap in the shade.  

Photograph of the view from Mount Bonnell in Austin, TX

Share your experience on social media. Help us find your post with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Gather your art supplies, junk drawer items, recycling bin contents, and donation pile. Behold the supplies for your fairy art masterpiece. Your quest is to let go of the idea of making something “good,” beautiful, useful, or meaningful. Channel your inner playful fairy, silence your inner critic, and don’t stop till it’s finished! 

A pile of craft supplies surrounding three art pieces, one a melted ice cream cone with candy, one a house with glitter pipe cleaners for the roof, and one small pipe cleaners wrapped around a small cotton ball with googly eyes.

Sharing your creation on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Welcome to the Families Read Together Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer, complete them all! 

Make Magical memories with your family this summer - read your favorite books aloud to each other! Read new books, favorite books, tell stories, read over and over. Here are a few fun reading challenges you can do with your family.

  1. Read a story to your younger siblings or cousins. Right before the most exciting part, ask them, “What do you think will happen next?”
  2. Pick a story in your favorite language and read one chapter a night with your family. You can do this in person or on video chat! Here are some stories to get you started.
  3. Find a wordless book and make up a story to go along with it. 
  4. Listen to a great audiobook from APL's Virtual Library.
    1. Listen to animated, talking picture books at TumbleBooks
    2. Listen to over 1000 kids books read by their authors at
    3. MakeMake le ofrece 300 libros electrónicos en español para niños de todas las edades.
Families Read Together booklist

Welcome to the Families Write Together Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer, complete them all! 

Quest 1: Write and Illustrate a Favorite Memory or Tradition

  • Choose the Story: Look through old photos and letters together or interview other family members to gather ideas and inspiration for your writing.
  • Work Together: Give everyone a job in the process of writing down your story or take turns to make it fun!
  • Have Fun: Your story can be as long or short as you want or in any language you choose just be creative. If you need some inspiration check out this site for more suggestions:

Quest 2: Write and Illustrate a Family Newspaper!

  • Choose the Story: Decide on which important stories, updates, and new to include in your newspaper. Interview family and friends to gather ideas and inspiration for your writing.
  • Work Together: Give everyone a job in the process of creating your newspaper.
  • Have Fun: Be creative and have fun creating your newspaper. Send it out to family and friends when it’s hot off the press!
  • Need inspiration? Use your library card to check out digital newspapers from our website.

Quest 3: Write and Illustrate a Family Recipe!

  • Choose the Recipe: Decide on which recipe is the one you want to write down. This can be one that was passed down from other family or your family’s favorite recipe.
  • Work Together: Give everyone a job in the process of cooking, writing, illustrating, and taste testing your recipe.
  • Have Fun: Take a picture of the family enjoying the recipe to remember this special memory.

Immerse yourself in an imaginary Austin boat parade drawn by local artist Aaron Goldman. See if you can find all the hidden items, creatures and cryptids on the list.

[Add link to I Spy art page and list]

Share your completion time on social media with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary.

Create a scene or a story using a combination of books and yourself. Your books can become wings, fairy houses, dense forest, armor, or anything else you can imagine.  

Photograph of a woman with wings made out of books

We'd love to see your creation on social media! Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary. 


Do a fingerplay with songs like Itsy-Bitsy Spider.  These get those fine motor skills working that are so important for writing! What would the big daddy spider sound like? How about the teeny weeny spider?  

Share your favorite song from Electric Lady Bird. Featuring Central Texas musicians, enjoy listening local with this free music streaming service curated by the Austin Public Library.

Logo for Electric Lady Bird

Help us find your recommendation with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary

Follow along with Literature Live! and create your very own shadow puppet theatre! Create shadow puppets and entertain everyone with your art!

Create your very own script or use one below:

  1. The Three Billy Goats Gruff (We've also got a downloadable template!)
  2. The Clever Bull
  3. Dog and Duck
  4. The Wolf

Logo for Little Maverick Graphic Novel book listWelcome to The Little Maverick Graphic Novel List Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer complete them all!

The Little Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List is a recommended reading list designed for children in grades K-5.

Quest 1: Read a Graphic Novel
Many of the titles from the 2020 list are available in our virtual collection! Check out one (or more) to read!

Quest 2: Recommend a Comic Book to a Friend
Share a review of your book in writing, in person or on social media. Include a picture of your favorite character!

Quest 3: Read Rocket to the Moon
Read this true story about the people and technology that made the moon landing possible. Then build your own rocket!

Quest 4: You have a lot to say!
You have a lot to say! Make your own word or thought bubble, take a picture, and share with your friends!

Quest 5: Learn to Draw a Comic Book Character
Drawing comics are fun! Lots of illustrators have online guides, here are some of our favorites:

Little Maverick Reading List booklist

Welcome to the Living Room Picnic Quest. Pick your favorite, or if you prefer, complete them all!

Level One Quest: The Straight Forward Picnic
Turn any meal into a special family experience by having an indoor picnic. Gather your food, sit down on a blanket or sheet, and enjoy! Turn on some nature sounds or open a window and make it fun by adding a game or movie after your meal.
image of indoor picnic on blanket with pillows, quilt, and food

Level Two Quest: Living Room Fort Picnic
Work together to build a fort with blankets, pillows and cushions then gather your food, sit down on a blanket or sheet, and enjoy! Make it extra special by turning out the lights, grabbing a flashlight, and telling spooky stories.
image of pillow fort with string lights and stuffed animals

Level Three Quest: The Uninvited Guest!
Sometimes small guests show up to picnics uninvited. Imagine what your picnic might look like from an insects perspective and take a picture to share. Or perhaps you’ve got a pet who crashed the party? Get creative and tell a story!
picture of felt ant grinning at picnic food

Is your next amazing read ready and waiting for you? Try your luck with cloudLibrary's Lucky Day collection. Lucky Day items are high-demand eBooks and audiobooks available for immediate checkout, with no holds, no renewals, and a 10-day loan period.  

Sharing your good luck on social media? Help us find you with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Read, watch, or listen to a local. Check out these librarian recommendations for eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, streaming music, or streaming video from the Virtual Library. 

Sharing a recommendation on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 


What can you come up with? An egg carton to sort objects by color or shape, like buttons or bottle caps? An oatmeal carton drum? A toilet paper roll maraca? 

make a toy out of common household items like egg cartons, buttons, bottlecaps, etc.

Express yourself through zine-making. Zines are self-published works of any length and on any subject. They are typically photocopied, handmade and highly visual.  Feel free to include photographs, drawings, essays, poetry, interviews, personal observations, recipes, reviews, or any other content in your zine.  

Photograph of Austin Public Library zine collection

Sharing your creation on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary. Please also consider donating your zine to the Central Library Zine Library. 


Tell each other a story. make it up! or write random words on bits of paper, mix them up, draw one at a time, and make up a silly story.  
picture of paper that says "make it storytime" on table with glass and crayons

You can't judge a book by its cover, but can you make a cover of a cover? Grab what you've got around the house and recreate your favorite book cover!


How you imagine the story is unique. Draw, paint, or recreate your favorite book moment however you want!


Track down a recipe for a delicious dish that appeared in a book you read and try it out!


Wow. So book. Much story. Make your best viral-worthy book meme and share it!

Any story is better with a soundtrack. Build a playlist for a book you’ve read!


Tell the story your way! Turn that book you read, that news story you heard about, or that new fact you learned into a personalized zine.


Have a favorite character from a book you love? Use your creativity and what you’ve got around the house to make a costume based on them!


Welcome to the Master Builder Quest. Pick your favorite to build, or if you prefer, complete them all!

This Stay-At-Home-Summer we challenge you to build your dreams! Use LEGO, other materials around your house, even things from nature, to build each of our Master Builder Quests!

Quest 1: Mirror on the Wall
Make a picture frame for a favorite drawing or painting. Have you made some amazing art recently? It’s time to frame it and open your own home gallery. A picture frame has a fun border and a flat back to hold your masterpiece in place. Read along with this Master Builder Quest here.
picture frame made of legos

Quest 2: You can Fly
Invent a flying machine that can travel through any space, and tell us where you would go in it. Jupiter? Bermuda? To the center of the Earth?  Need inspiration? Here’s a cool virtual tour of Frontiers of Flight, an aviation museum in Dallas.   
spaceship made out of lego

Quest 3: The Troll Bridge
 “Who goes trip-trapping over my bridge?!?,” shouted the troll. Build a bridge for The Three Billy Goats Gruff to cross.  *Hint* it doesn’t have to be out of legos! 

Quest 4: You be the Architect
Build your perfect home with materials around your house.That may be popsicle sticks, or things from nature, or even LEGO. Is it a castle? A small hut on the beach? Or a huge mansion full of mysteries?   
house made out of lego

Quest 5: Time to Travel
Create a machine that can travel through time. When will you go? The future? Age of dinosaurs? To the day you graduate from college? 
lego creation of time travel machine

Quest 6: Labrynth 
The Minotaur awaits you at the center, how will you defeat him? Build a maze that challenges your skills and takes us into the heart of mythology. 

Quest 7: Tallest Tower
Build the tallest tower you can, and make sure to use all of your favorite colors.Tell us, who lives in your tower?
tower built of legos


Write out your child’s name in big letters for your child to trace with their fingers or decorate with crayons/markers. 


Narrate your day in song? Pick a specific moment like bathtime, a diaper change, or getting dressed. Here are two songs to get you started: 

Take a photo of a Texas native species that is new to you. Not sure where to look? Check out a local park or garden. You can use the Wildflower Center's Native Plants database or the free iNaturalist website or app to help identify what you find.

Photograph of Austin Public Library rooftop garden

Sharing your plant pics on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Welcome to the Nerdy for Nature Quest. Pick your favorite challenge, or if you prefer, complete them all!

Quest 1: Outside Scavenger Hunt
Enjoy a walk around your neighborhood as you search for 17 different items

Quest 2: Sounds Around
Sounds are all around us! Make-your-own animal ears craft and then find a safe and comfortable outdoor space. Sit down, close your eyes and listen for several minutes. What sounds do you identify? What is your favorite sound? Which one is the loudest? Which one is the softest? Can you point in the direction each sound is coming from? Cool Fact: Having ears on each sides of our head enables us (and other animals) to find the location a sound comes from. Now, wear your animal ears to check how a fox hears. How do sounds change? Foxes have large ears for picking up sounds. (credit: Project Learning tree)

Quest 3: Poet-tree
Get ready with paper and a pen, go outside and choose a special tree, insect, spider or anything that attracts your attention to observe. Take time to observe it from different perspectives (in front, behind, around..) Write down your ideas, thoughts and feelings. Remember to use your senses (touch, smell, sight and sound) to have more words to describe what you observed. Write your own poetry by choosing a Poetic Form (Windspark, acrostic, Haiku, Cinquain, shape or free verse, etc) from the link below. Create an illustration for your poem or poems. Another idea: Imagine a world without sun, trees or insects and write a poem describing that world or how would you feel. Credit: Project Learning Tree

Quest 4: Landscape Drawing in 5 easy steps
Need an art break? Ambray our Art Smart expert has put together a short tutorial on how to draw a landscape. See her example below.

  1. Draw horizon line: where earth meets sky.
    drawing of a horizon line
  2. Draw background: furthest from you.
    drawing of a horizon line with clouds and hills
  3. Draw middle ground.
    drawing of a horizon, background and water with rowers
  4. Draw foreground: things here are largest.
    drawing of a landscape with background clouds, rowers in water, trees in foreground
  5. Shading: Background-lightest/ middle ground or mid-ground- medium dark/ foreground-dark
    drawing of a landscape with rowers, hills, trees, and clouds.


Create an obstacle course around the living space, using cushions as landing spots, lines to jump across, something to climb on (like a sofa) to jump off (safely). Older children might pretend they are trying to keep out of water – or lava!  Or take the obstacle course outside and draw with chalk!
chalk obstacle course drawn on concrete

Brighten up your day with colorful mini piñatas. Upcycle cardboard containers, old newspapers or magazines, tissue paper, crepe streamers, or any colorful paper. Then all you need are glue, scissors, tape, and string to create and decorate. With these tiny shapes, your imagination is the limit.

Photograph of mini pinata craft in progress with crepe paper, glue, masking tape, and cardboard frame

Sharing your creation on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary. 


You and your child can role play ordering food at a drive-in or restaurant. Don’t forget a pretend menu!  This is a great opportunity to learn about taking turns in conversation.  

picture of play restaurant with paper cups and bowls and paper play menu


Play pretend! Act out a favorite book or story: This activity will help your child practice narrative skills! (Use silly voices and props for bonus points!)  

play blocks spelling out "play pretend" along with stuffed animals


Read a book together! Point to the words as you read along, point to the pictures, ask questions about the story. Saturday by Oge Mora (pictured below) is available through your Austin Public Library’s Virtual Library

Saturday by Oge Mora with finger tracing words on page

You've got a time machine on your shelf. Grab a book that turns the clock to an entirely different time period.


There's over 7 billion people on this planet! Try reading a book about someone who looks different from you and see the world through their eyes.


Step into the Restricted Section! Pick up a book that's been on a Challenged or Banned Books list.

Cover of the book The Hate U Give and a picture of a tweet by the author

Pop your worldview bubble! Pick up a book that challenges your viewpoints.


New perspectives are waiting for you to discover them! Open a book about a culture that's new to you and see what you learn.


When you can't leave your room, let a book be your guide! Read about somewhere you've never been and see where the words take you.

Print out our traditional summer reading log! For every 20 minutes you read, color in a jewel to collect it. Color and complete each reading challenge to move farther in the maze. Or, if you prefer, list your books on the back.

image of summer reading log

Download Reading Log - English
Download Reading Log - Spanish



Rereading is great for early literacy! It builds confidence, vocabulary, and narrative skills. Reread some of your favorite stories together!

(Celebrate the 90th anniversary of The Little Engine that Could with the awesome 2020 edition re-illustrated by Dan Santat -- available on Overdrive!) 

cover of Little Engine That Could picture book


Practice words that rhyme. Think of a word, and ask your child to think of words that rhyme. Like fish rhymes with dish. Give them time to think! 

picture of socks, box, and rocks

Check out a seed packet from the Seed Collection at the Central Library and plant something new in your garden or start a garden in a container! 

Photograph of hands holding seeds from Austin Public Library seed collection

Sharing your seedling pics on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Just finished a book and have no one to talk about it with? Recommend it to a friend and spread the word!


Show everyone what you're reading this summer! Snap a reading selfie to share.


When those reading sessions go extra-long, what do you snack on to keep you going? Snap a pic with you, your book and your reading snack of choice!


Let everyone take a peek at your personal library with a pic of you and your bookshelf!


Welcome to the Share the Joy Quest. Pick your favorite challenge, or if you prefer, complete them all! As a Swedish proverb says, "shared joy is double joy," so share your joy and raise everyone's spirits.

Quest 1: Sidewalk Chalk
Chalk an inspirational message or drawing on the sidewalk of a neighbor! Need some ideas? Grab a quote from "Say It With Style" in BiblioBoard. Be sure to snap a photo and post it on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram #AustinPublicLibrary to share your joy even more!
sidewalk chalk quote" no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another." Charles Dickens

Quest 2: Share a Rainbow
Paint or draw a picture of a rainbow to put in your window at home, so that neighbors passing by can see it.

Quest 3: Write a Postcard
Send a message in a letter or postcard along with a drawing to a relative, friend, nursing home (did you know that you could “adopt” a nursing home), or healthcare provider. Or drop a note in a neighbor’s mailbox. Leave a note of appreciation on your mailbox for your postal worker!
picture of pencil crayons, stamps, glue, another other art supplies to make your own postcards

Quest 4: Kindness Rocks
Make a kindness rock, because Kindness more ways than one! When you are out and about taking a walk at a distance or exploring nature, collect rocks and then paint them with a positive message. After that, find a good, safe spot to leave them for others to see and to add a little brightness to their day. Smooth ones with non-shiny surfaces work best. All sizes can work, but think about your image or message when you choose. 
brightly painted rock with the word hope

Share your COVID-19 story with the Austin History Center for their collection, COVID-19 Files: Austin Responds to a Pandemic. Learn how on their COVID-19 Files webpage.  

Painting of women playing cards while wearing face masks and using toilet paper rolls instead of chips to bet with.


Singing helps children understand the sounds that make up a word because we slow down and elongate the word’s componant parts. Good books for this challenge are ones with rhyme. Find some great rhyming, singable books available through the virtual library listed below!

picture of brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? by Bill Martin


Visit Storyblocks and sing a new song! Try one in a language you don’t speak yet!


Many authors are reading their books for you on their social media pages! We listed some favorites that we found below.

Take Your Child to Virtual Storytime booklist


Look around your living space for things that have words, like food packages. Show them to your child and read some of the words out loud while you trace a line under each word with your finger. Do the same with street signs when you go for walks. Talk about how things have words for them!  

picture of food box with finger pointing out words on the box

Complete one segment of a Mango Languages course through the Virtual Library

Say hello using your new language skills on social media. Help us find you with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Upcycle any colorful materials you can find around your house to create the rainbow flag or another Pride Flag. Enjoy these APL Staff-created examples as inspiration: 

Rainbow Flag with Phone AppsPansexual Flag with spools of ribbonIntersex flag with cornmeal & sugarTransgender flag with tissue paperAsexual flag knitted yarn

We invite you to share your Pride flag creation on social media. Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Create a mini-journal from the pages of a damaged book, extra paper, needle and thread!  

upcycled journal made from book pages with a pen on top

Sharing your creation on social media? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 


Austin Public Library has new videos just for teens! Check them out and discover something new.


They say the book is better than the movie. Let’s test that theory. Watch the film version of your favorite book and see how it measures up!



Use a paintbrush or rag and a cup of water for mess-free painting or writing on a wooden fence or sidewalk! This activity encourages exploration, creativity, and pre-writing skills. 


Have your kiddo assist with a task and talk about all of the steps. Talking through your day builds literacy because you use ordinal words like "first," "second," and "next." By doing this you teach them the skills they need to know such as the order in which things happen (like how to sort and fold laundry!)  And it builds vocabulary! 

Welcome to the Wings of Fire Escape Room. Are you a Wings of Fire fan? Then this is the quest for you! Test your knowledge of the books and make sure to check out our downloadable ebooks and eaudiobooks!

Write a haiku using one of these themes: my window, on a quest, or July

Haiku [pronounced: high-koo], is a Japanese verse form, most often composed in English of 17 syllables or less in three unrhymed lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. A haiku traditionally contains a kigo, a defined word or phrase that symbolizes or implies the season of the poem. 

Sharing your poem? Help us find your work with the hashtag #AustinPublicLibrary 

Sell it with humor. Tell everyone about a book you read this summer with a ridiculously simple, short and sarcastic summary.


Sometimes shorter is better. See if you can create a summary of a summer read with only emojis.