Summer Reading Program

Imagine Your Story

The Clever Bull - Literature Live! Puppet Lab Challenge

Props: Bull, Lion, Jackal, sun

The Clever Bull Script

Bull: Ah what a wonderful spot near this cave. Plenty of food and a shelter.

Day turns to night back to day with crossing of sun

Bull: This is a great life with nothing to worry about.

Lion enters Bull does not see him.  

Lion: I see a tasty bull he will make a wonderful meal for me.  

Bull sees Lion and turns toward cave.

Bull: Darling wife do not worry about dinner tonight I see a lion and he will make a tasty meal for us.

Lion hears Bull and runs away. Bull laughs then exits. Lion reenters and Jackal comes across.

Jackal: Oh great king of the beast why do you cower?

Lion: I found a bull that I was going to eat but he is stronger and meaner than me. He called to his wife that I was to be their evening meal. How can I go against such a foe?

Jackal: Mighty Lion you have been tricked. How can a meager bull be a force of nature so strong he can take down the king of all?

Lion: You did not hear him Jackal, he intended to have me as a meal.

Jackal: But you are stronger than all the bulls of the fields. He was calling out to no one only to trick you.

Lion: You did not see or hear his ferocious call.

Jackal: I have a plan tie your tail to mine and let me lead you to the cave of the bull. In case the bull attacks, then I will be the one caught first.

Lion: All right I will do this but you have to go first I do not trust this strong and mean bull.

Lion and Jackal exit Bull returns Lion and Jackal return with tails together (use tape)

Bull: Ah my friend Jackal I asked you to bring me two lions how am I to feed my children on this one?

Lion: I knew you were tricking me Jackal. I will not stay and be a meal for this bull’s family.

Lion runs off taking Jackal with him. Bull walks off stage laughing.