Summer Reading Program

Imagine Your Story

Dog and Duck - Literature Live! Puppet Lab Challenge

Props:  dog, duck, bone, fish

Dog and Duck Script

Dog: Oh it is a beautiful day for a walk on this bridge, what’s this a bone. I love bones. I will take this bone home. Oh how I love bones…

Dog drops bone in water

Dog: No no no now I will never have a tasty bone

Duck: Hi Dog what are you doing?

Dog: I had a tasty bone but I dropped it in the water now I will never have a tasty bone again…unless.

Duck: Yes?

Dog: Duck would you be a peach and get my bone for me?

Duck: Why should I?

Dog: Because you are the best duck in the world and you love helping dogs.

Duck: No that does not sound right.

Dog: What if I helped you.

Duck: What could a dog do for me?

Dog: I could get you a tasty treat then we would both have one

Duck: The only treat I love is fish, do you have a fish?

Dog: No but I can get one.

Duck:  Ok Dog meet me back here tomorrow and I will bring your bone and you bring my fish.

Duck leaves and dog leans over water...

Dog: Oh fishy fishy fishy, jump in my mouth please ahhhhhh… Well fine, I will scoop you up with my paw. Uhmph. Uhumph. Come back here fish. Oh how can I get this fish…hey my tail.

Puts tail in water fish swims up and grabs tail Dog pulls fish out of water.Lights go out then back on duck swims up with bone

Duck: Oh dog I have your bone do you have something for me?

Dog comes on with fish on tail.

Dog: One fish for one bone.

Duck: Ah I love fish.

Dog: and I love bones.