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The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Literature Live! Puppet Lab Challenge


  • LBG – Little Billy Goat
  • MBG – Middle Billy Goat
  • BBG - Big Billy Goat
  • Troll

Props: Bridge, puppets

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Script

(Fasten bridge to stage; all 3 goats on stage right, holding one goat in one hand and two in the other)

LBG: Let’s go into the hills. I hear that the grass there is long, thick, and juicy.

MBG: What an idea! We need to get some fat on our bones before winter.

BBG: You two go ahead, there’s a little patch of grass here I want to finish off. Then I will come. But be careful of the troll who lives under the bridge. His nose is so long that it sticks out a foot in front of his face and he’s got great, green eyes.

(remove the MBG and the BBG; always move the goats from stage right to stage left)

LBG: All right, I’ll be the first one to cross the bridge. trip, trap, trip, trap (weak, high pitch)

Troll: (appears under bridge, LBG jumps) Who’s that crossing my bridge?

LBG: (shaking) I am…the little Billy Goat Gruff.

Troll: I don’t allow Billy goats on my bridge. I’m going to gobble you up!

LBG: Oh please, don’t catch me. I am so thin; I would hardly make a mouthful for you. Wait for my sister. She’s coming right behind me and she’s much bigger than I am.

Troll: Well, okay…I’ll let you go this time, but you better watch out next time.  

LBG: (LFG exits hurriedly) trip trap, trip trap, trip trap…

MBG: (In a little deeper voice) Now it’s my turn to cross…. trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap

Troll: Who’s that crossing my bridge?

MBG: It is I, the middle Billy Goat Gruff. I’m going to the hills to get fat.

Troll: Oh no you’re not! You’ll make a delicious supper for me. I’m going to eat you up!

MBG: Please don’t catch me. Wait for my brother, the Big Billy Goat Gruff. He’s huge and fat and much bigger than I am.  

Troll: Very well. I’ll let you go, but don’t you dare step a hoof on my bridge again.

MBG: I won’t mister Troll. Thank you! (quickly exits stage left) trip, trap, trip, trap, trip, trap

BBG: Well…. I’ve finished my patch of grass. Now it’s time to cross the bridge and join my brother and sister in the hills. (in a low, loud voice) Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp….

Troll: Who’s that crossing my bridge?

BBG: It is I, the biggest Bill goat, and this isn’t YOUR bridge!

Troll: Oh, yes, it is. And I don’t let Billy goats cross it. I heard about you – you look delicious. I’m coming to catch you. You’ll make a fine supper for me!

BBG: Well, come along. I’ve got two spears, and I’ll poke your eyeballs out at your ears. I’ve got besides two curling stones and I’ll crush you to bits, body and bones!!  

(Troll comes up on bridge and they both attack each other 3 times, resting in between, and breathing hard. On the third time the BGG defeats him and the troll disappears, crying)

BBG: There….we will never have to worry about that horrible old troll again. Stomp, stomp, …