Summer Reading Program

Imagine Your Story

The Wolf - Literature Live! Puppet Lab Challenge

Props: Three pigs and one wolf puppet

The Wolf Script

Wolf: I love gathering blue flowers. They are so pretty.

Pig1: On my way to make my fortune. The first thing I need to do is find a house. A house made of straw perfect. I hope my brothers found such a sweet deal.

Wolf: Hi pig those are pretty flowers.

Pig: Back off wolf these are mine and I am not sharing.

Wolf: Oh my hay fever is acting up so bad today. But I just love blue flowers sniffffff….. I hope I don’t ahhhh ahhh ahhh choooooo

Pig: My house my beautiful house, destroyed  

Wolf: I’m sorry pig I just wanted to sniff those blue flowers ahh ahhhh ahhh choooo

Pig: I gotta hold on so you don’t blow me away.  I better run to my brother’s house and warn him about you

Wolf: wait pig I’m sorry I just needed to sniff the blue…… ahhh ahhhh ahhh chooooooo

Pig: Oh noooooooo you are blowing me away

Pig: Brother where are you??? A crazy wolf has been blowing me all around. Oh he is not home. I am sure he wont mind if I hang out here till he gets back oh no it is the wolf maybe if I hide….

Wolf: oh what a beautiful morning…….Oh look a stick house and it has beautiful blue flowers I love blue  flowers

Pig: back off wolf you can’t come near this house of sticks

Wolf: Oh mr pig I just want to sniff your beautiful blue flowers snifffff uh oh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh chooooooo

Pig: The house the house see wolf I told you to back off now the house is ruined

Wolf: I’m sorry mr pig I ahhh ahhhh ahhhh choooooooo

Pig: no no no no no he is blowing me across the field at least it is in the right direction. Brother I am coming

Wolf: Piggy piggy oh where did he go?

Wolf exits

Pig: brother brother you have to help us the wolf has blown away all the houses and blown me across the field. He isn’t home either, but at least he has a brick house. I bet that old wolf cant blow it down

Wolf enters

Wolf: there you are I just wanted to play with someone today I am sorry about your houses

Pig: You just go on now wolf my house of bricks can stand up to any of your tricks

Wolf: tricks there are no tricks I just wanted to say hello and smell these blue…..ahhh ahhhh ahhh choooo

Pig: see I told you my house stands firm

Wolf: I am so happy your house didn’t blow away but I still ahhh ahh ahh choooo

Pig: oh mr wolf you have to stop smelling these blue flowers, here try smelling the yellow ones

Wolf: thank you pig snifffff….sniffff….sniffff these yellow flowers smell great and no sneezing

Pig: Yay our houses are safe again and no more wolf sneezes to blow us across the field.

Wolf: and I can sniff all day long