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Educational and Community Service Opportunities

Download the Volunteer Community Service Form

The Austin Public Library accepts most adult and youth volunteers who need community service hours through school, court, or other agencies.  In order to be considered for community service hours, applicants must: 

1. check out our current volunteer opportunities to see if there is a match for your skills and interests. APL does not have dedicated community service volunteer positions. 

2. complete a Volunteer Application and Community Service Form. Volunteer Applications and Community Service Forms are only accepted for current volunteer opportunities. Submission of an application does not guarantee a placement.

2.  be willing to complete a minimum of 24 community service hours (adults) or 12 hours (youth) over a minimum of three months if a volunteer opportunity is available.  More hours may be required by APL based on the volunteer position. Volunteers may not block hours to complete service early.

3.  have a community service completion deadline of at least four months in advance.

4. complete a successful criminal background investigation and orientation prior to beginning as a volunteer.  This process will include fingerprinting for those who have lived outside the state within the last 10 years and are 15 years or older. This process usually takes 5-7 business days but may take 14-21 business days if fingerprinting is included.

** The Austin Public Library does not accept court ordered community service requests for the following offenses: felonies, violent crime (felony or misdemeanor), crimes against children (felony or misdemeanor), or theft (felony or misdemeanor). The Volunteer Coordinator will review all other offenses.**

Interested applicants should complete an ADULT or YOUTH Volunteer Application AND a Volunteer Community Service Form.  Return the completed application and form to Volunteer Services by:

1. Emailing the completed application and form as PDF attachments to APL.Volunteers@austintexas.gov.  The application/forms are typewriter PDF forms.  You may type directly into the form and save the completed documents to your computer.  Printing or scanning the documents are not necessary.  We are unable to accept applications/forms in other formats (Word, Google docs, etc.) at this time.


2. Mailing the completed application and form to:

Austin Public Library

Volunteer Services

PO BOX 2287

Austin, TX 78768-2287

Submission of an educational or community service request does not guarantee a placement.  Please contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 512-974-7443 (or Relay Texas 711) or APL.Volunteers@austintexas.gov with any questions you may have.