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PICA 25032

Relocated Administration Building at Municipal Airport, 1942, PICA 25032 detail

Austin History Quiz Answer 12

Why was Austin's first municipal airport named Mueller Airport?

Robert Mueller was a city council member who died in January 1927, just months after being elected to office. The council chose to honor his dedication to service and his civic contributions by naming the first municipal airport after him after it opened in 1930.

According to the Austin American, "it was helping his city which has probably hastened his death, for on that night, according to members of the city council, he told them he was ill about 10 o'clock, and they asked him to stay a little while longer for the budget was almost planned and they needed his guidance. He remained, and every little while he would remark he was sick, but finally, with plans nearly completed, he went home at 11:30 o'clock."


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