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The Good with the Bad - New Biographies by

Biography at its best is a good read, it appeals to a natural human instinct for gossip, and it answers a real need within us to understand each other better. And it is a noticeable achievement of the new biographies on our catalog list - Recommended Biographies -  that they all begin with the premise that human nature is complex, and as is true with everything else in the world, you have to take the good with the bad.

And all that Jazz... by amy.mullin

JazzDid you know that it's Jazz Appreciation Month? Whether you're an aficionado or getting started with jazz, the Austin Public Library has over 3,000 CDs and hundreds of books that you can absorb and pore over. You can also stream jazz tracks and albums from our Virtual Library with Freegal Music and American Song.

"Equeibol" by

Hace rato que una colega mía me recomendó el disco de Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, titulado El Juidero. Sabía de la existencia de este grupo pero la primera canción que escuché del disco no me gustó mucho y rápidamente lo olvidé. Ahora  sin embargo, veo a Rita Indiana como la David Bowie de la República Dominicana.