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Cassatt and Degas by

Both Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas were realist painters who drew their inspiration from the human figure and the depiction of modern life, while they eschewed landscape almost entirely.
 Both were highly educated, Paris-based, known for their intelligence and wit, and from wealthy banking families. Three years before meeting Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas encountered one of her portraits and declared, “There is someone who feels as I do”.

¡Quiero algo fresco para tomar! by josefina.gibbs

Hace unos días asistí a la hora de cuentos en inglés en la Biblioteca de Little Walnut.  La bibliotecaria leyó un libro genial llamado  Chilly Milly Moo  por Fiona Ross.  La palabra “chilly” inmediatamente pinta imágenes del frio invierno, abrigos, gorras, colchas, casa calientita y quizás una taza de chocolatito.

The Elements of Style by

As thnew school year approaches, we can’t help but reminisce about freshly sharpened pencils, crisp folders, and brand new clothes! When I’m looking for fresh fashion tips for my “back-to-school” shopping trips, I seek inspiration! Luckily, the Austin Public Library has tons of amazing resources to fuel our imaginations. From biographies of world-renowned designers to books profiling pioneering fashion bloggers, we’ve got what you need to put the pep in your stylish step.



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