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Color Photograph of burnt apartment block by BASTA

A Celebration of Tenant Power

BASTA; Building and Strengthening Tenant Action or Buscando Acción y Soladaridad que Transforme el Arrendamiento

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 - Sunday, August 4, 2024 Central Library - 710 W. César Chávez St.
Living Room (6th Floor)

About the Exhibit

The imbalance of power between landlords and tenants must be corrected to secure housing justice for all people, but most especially for communities of color and low-income, marginalized communities. Building tenant power is the only way to make this change happen, and tenant power is only built by bringing more renters into a housing justice movement that is led by those most impacted. The images shared in this series- images of tenants association meetings, protests, creative organizing tactics, community vigils honoring those lost in the struggle, negotiation meetings with managers, disaster supply distribution, and more- tell the story of growing tenant power in Austin. But to truly build power and address the housing crisis in Austin, the movement needs all of us, and there is a role for everyone. Will you join us? -BASTA

About the Artist

BASTA - (Building and Strengthening Tenant Action or Buscando Acción y Soladaridad que Transforme el Arrendamiento) - ) is a nonprofit project started in 2016 that builds tenant power by bringing underrepresented Austin renters into a housing justice movement fueled by tenant-led organizing, community education, and outreach. Our work is centered on dismantling the systems that prevent tenants from living in dignified and healthy homes. Learn more at

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