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APL Volumes

LeticiaWelcome to Season 2 of APL Volumes! Hosted by Leticia Leal, a Teen Program Specialist at APL, this is our “everything but the books” season. Each episode dives into a part of our collection that you may not know about: Zines, LPs, board games, plant seeds and more.

This season begins on Wednesday, September 27th. New episodes come out every other week! 

You can listen and subscribe on itunesspotifyiheartradio, or online.  


Austin Public Library Volumes the Podcast

Read transcripts of APL Volumes Episodes: 

Episode 1, Season 2: Zine Scene

Episode 2, Season 2: What’s In a Game

Episode 3, Season 2: Seed Between the Lines

Episode 4, Season 2: Vinyl Vibes

Episode 5, Season 2: Craft Life

Episode 6, Season 2: Made You Cook