Summer 2021, Tails and Tales

Youth 5-12 Summer Learning 2021

summer 2021, I love books foxJoin Austin Public Library for a summer of FUN! Kids can choose from lots of free, at-home activities during summer break. Get ready to play, laugh, and learn together all summer long. These programs are intended for children 5-12.

Please pick up a summer packet at your closest library location or print at home!

Reading Log / Diario de Lectura de Verano (PDF)

Coloring Sheets (PDF)

Nota sobre cómo accesar materiales en español: La mayoría de las actividades tienen instrucciones en español. Si las tiene, podrá encontrar los enlaces para descargar la información en español dentro de las actividades en inglés. Para ver los subtítulos en español de los videos, haga clic sobre las letras "CC".


Activity 1: Citywide Scavenger Hunt

Get to know the city of Austin, the Austin Public Library, and have some serious fun. This family oriented game will encourage a love of reading, writing, drawing, science, math, and most of all...FUN! Join today!

Activity 2: Make Your Own Obstacle Course

Do you feel the need for speed? Do you want to juke and jive? Are you an aspiring ninja warrior? Then we challenge you to create your own obstacle course!  

Download the Make Your Own Obstacle Course Program Guide

Descarga la guía del programa Haz tu propia pista de obstáculos

Activity 3: Neighborhood Travel Minizine

We’re all sticking close to home these days and becoming more familiar with our neighborhoods. Sometimes we get so familiar with our neighborhoods we take them for granted. We want you to look at yours with fresh eyes.  We bet you know lots of cool or undiscovered destinations that make your neighborhood special. Is there a good sno-cone stand? A creek that has good skipping rocks? A cool mural? A tree that is the perfect mid-afternoon reading spot?  Create an 8 page minizine and highlight why your fellow Austinites should consider spending an afternoon exploring! 

Download the Neighborhood Travel Minizine Program Guide

Descarga la guía del programa Mini-revista de viajes de tu vecindario

Activity 4: Read it and Eat it

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Read the story and then make the recipe! There are tons of options, including churros and chocolate dipping sauce, giant cookies, applesauce, fry bread, and more! Check out our booklist to get you started, and watch Moose the cooking snail puppet cook in the videos below.

Download the Read It and Eat It Program Guide

Activity 5: Save the Stuffy Scavenger Hunt

A Pirate has stolen your favorite stuffed Animal! However, all hope is not lost. You can save your fave by following all the clues. Each clue will bring you closer to where the villain stashed your stuffy.

Download the Save the Stuffy Scavenger Hunt Program Guide

Descarga la guía del programa Búsqueda de Tesoros ¡Rescatemos al peluche!

Activity 6: Tails and Tales Animal Paper Doll Storytelling Kit

Create your own storytelling bonanza! Cut out and decorate a variety of animals and then use our story prompts to begin crafting your adventure. Will a dragon from a high mountain appear just as food is running out? Will a troll from a cave want your help to hunt for treasure? We can’t wait to find out.

Download the Tails and Tales Animal Paper Dolls Program Guide

Download the Paper Doll Template

Descarga la guía del programa Cuentos de animales con muñecos de papel

Activity 7: Tails and Tales Picnic

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You’re invited to a special picnic! Grab your blankets, snacks, and a favorite story and get ready to host your own party with a woodland inspired crown! We’ll give you ideas of woodland creatures you can become, show you how to create a nature crown, and even help you make your own mini-picnic basket.  Need some extra fun? We’ve got a special memory game just for you. To top it off, make sure to share your favorite story...featuring a woodland creature of course! 

Download the Tails and Tales Picnic Program Guide

Download the Memory Game Printable

Descarga la guía del programa Un día de campo con cuentos y colas

Activity 8: Tell Your Tale: Make a Book

Create your own to book to write, draw, and tell your tale. We’ll teach you how to make two different styles of book: a sewn book and a Hole Punched Book.

Tell Your Tale: Make a Book Program Guide

Activity 9: Toad Town, Gnome Village

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Did you know that toads are a garden’s best friend? They eat the bugs that bug your plants, aerate the soil when they burrow, and of course, are absolutely adorable. You can help get your garden amphibian ready with your own homemade Toad Hall. But why stop there? Create your own Frog and Toad Puppets out of paper tubes, and make a little gnome friend from a recycled cork!

Download the Toad Town, Gnome Village Program Guide