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About the Library


The Austin Public Library (APL) has been the community’s premier source of knowledge, technology, and inspiration for nearly a century. It provides library programs, technology, collections, and space through its state-of-the-art Central Library, Austin History Center, and 20 library branches. It also provides services and resources out in the community through outreach and partnerships.

Strategic + Facilities Plan

Austin Public Library: A model of equity, inclusion, access, and diversity.

Inspiring all to discover, learn, and create.

Library Priorities

Library Priorities link

Intellectual Freedom
We work hard to engage residents from all walks of life in a safe and respectful environment – free and open to all in accordance with the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.

Library Priorities
Our efforts and resources and the programs, services, and materials we offer are tied to these priorities:

  • Literacy Advancement
  • Workforce and Economic Development
  • Digital Inclusion, STEM and Computer Training
  • Outreach and Community Engagement
  • Staff Development
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Executive Team

Executive Team link

Contact the Executive Team at:

Roosevelt Weeks
Director of Libraries

Hannah Terrell
Public Services

Dinene Brown
Support Services

Joe Faulk
Information Systems

Wendy Harrison

Baylor Johnson
Public Information & Marketing

Carmaleta McKinnis-Williams
Equity, Inclusion

Christian Riley
Chief Administrative Officer

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Statement link

Austin Public Library (APL) acknowledges the United States, the State of Texas, and Austin’s long history of systemic racism and racial inequity that continues to this day, from the City of Austin’s Historic “1928 City Plan” as well as historical barriers to accessing library resources. Moving forward, APL aims to use an anti-racist and transformative approach to building a culture of equity and uplifting diversity. APL invites all voices to co-create impactful policies, practices, programs, and services that embodies “Library for All” rooted in humanity.

Equity: the intentional distribution of resources and tools for everyone to have the opportunity to succeed, especially for individuals and/or groups that have been historically underserved and underrepresented.

Diversity: Diversity is Quantity of diverse backgrounds, experiences, identities, and cultures.

Inclusion: Inclusion is Quality of participation across backgrounds, experiences, identities, and cultures.

The Austin Public Library integrates equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Library’s Six Priorities. This APL Equity Statement is a living document that will continue to evolve in our ever-changing world.