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The Austin Public Library offers special Group Library Cards for use by faculty at schools and educational/service groups in Austin and Travis County, such as public, home and private schools, day care centers, group homes, or nursing homes.

Group Cards are used to checkout materials for the institution, not for personal use.

The Group Card is issued in the name of an individual. That individual is legally responsible for items checked out on the card regardless of any agreements he/she may have with the school or institution involved.

The individual applying for the Group Card must complete a Group Card Application at any Austin Public Library location and present it along with their valid/acceptable photo ID, proof of address, and proof of current employment/affiliation with the institution that the card will be used for. A letter from the director, coordinator or principal of the institution, or a recent pay stub is acceptable current proof of employment/affiliation. Applicants who home school will have to present a letter stating that they home school. (Digital proof of current employment/affiliation is acceptable.)

Group cards are good for one year. To renew an expired Group card, proof of current employment or affiliation with the institute is required. (Digital proof of current employment/affiliation is acceptable.)

Adults applying for a new Group Card or renewing an existing card will need to pay any fees owed on their own account down to $24.99 or less. However, if the account has been referred to collections, all fees owed must be paid in full.

Benefits include a 6-week loan period for books and CDs. (DVDs/Blu-Ray have a 3-week loan period.) With the exception of DVDs/Blu-Ray, items on Group Cards can’t be renewed.

For additional information and requirements, please ask at any Library location or call 512-974-7475.