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Film and Photography link

Thank you for your interest in the Austin Public Library as a possible filming/photography location. As a City of Austin entity, the library is subject to various regulations and requirements. Please review the information below prior to submitting a request.

Film/Photo Request

General Information

  1. Reservations for filming and photography are based upon availability as determined by library staff.
  2. Requests must be submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to the film/photo date.
  3. Filming and photography must not interfere with the public’s regular use of the facility during open hours.
  4. Professional photography sessions require a $60.00 fee. Professional photography is defined as receiving compensation for taking pictures (money or barter) or taking images for promotional purposes (such as advertising and marketing with a commercial intent). Portraits and other posed sessions with accessories, props and equipment (such as tripods, lights, reflector shields) are included.
  5. Under City Ordinance No. 20080306-038, City fees are waived for filming a movie, television program, commercial, music video or video game. Library staff shall determine if a fee waiver applies. The production company will be billed for actual costs for City staff, utilities, and security associated with any required make-ready activities and specific request(s) or needs.
  6. Per City regulations, insurance is required (see submission requirements for details). Student filmmakers should check with their educational institution to ensure they are covered under the institution's insurance policy.

Submit an Application

  1. Review submission requirements.
  2. Send an email with subject line FILM/PHOTO REQUEST to Include the following information:
    1. Company or producer name
    2. Date, time and location for shoot
    3. Anticipated crew size
    4. Brief description of project
  3. If the library can accommodate the project, your dates will be reserved and the Event Services Office will provide an Application and Agreement. You will be asked to submit the signed Application/Agreement along with appropriate supporting documentation.


Once approval has been granted, film/photo crews will receive a badge to be worn onsite during the shoot. Anyone without an approved application or badge may be asked to stop production and return with the proper documentation.

For questions, please contact the Event Services Office at 512-974-7585.